Bert Farias of Holy Fire Ministries believes that the true Church must emerge in real impassioned priesthood and courageous fearful preaching in the manifestation of God's power and the Savior's genuine love in the face of increasing governmental oppression, persecution of the just, and the spirit of the antichrist.

In order for this to happen, Farias wrote on Facebook that there would be a severe schism in the church between the true God-fearing Christians and the phony ones who just give lip-service to loving God but whose hearts are distant from Him.

Even if the church loses its luster in the eyes of the world, there will be a heartfelt unity between the church members who have the same faith in the coming days of deep spiritual darkness. This will be a time when the light of God's glory descends upon the true Church.

"My heart is full this morning as I've witnessed so many men over the weekend renounce sin and addictions in their lives and repent of their carnality and compromise, put their trust in Jesus, and receive the love of the Father," shared Farias.

Additionally, he said that his wife Carolyn would have her sixth operation this week. That she is exhausted and that he is still feeling the effects of his stroke from last year. He is exhausted, too. Nonetheless, they are both joyful.

"Here's why," he continued. "Because we know the end is healing and restoration."

Farias maintains that the "best is yet to come" as he talks about God's miraculous provisions and how their local church is at the beginning of God's visitations. The big thing is that their precious son is on fire for God and heading towards His calling. They have also been blessed with fantastic friends who continue to love and support them.

He emphasized that the devil is a beaten foe who can do nothing more than either lie about his defeat or attempt to harm the faithful. Nonetheless, Bert and Carolyn's counter-offensive is to celebrate Jesus' everlasting triumph and the evil one's everlasting defeat.

Bert said these times remind him of one of his favorite hymns that "just aren't sung much anymore":

"Turn your eyes upon JESUS,

Look full in His wonderful face,

And the things of this world will grow strangely dim,

In the light of His glory and grace."

What the minister has been up to

Earlier this year, Farias called on individuals who backed evil during the last election to repent. He also addressed Christians who were guilty of behaving inappropriately during the election.

He also discussed at length the huge disparities between Trump's and Biden's leadership and political philosophies.

Both the Democrats and Big Tech, according to the evangelical preacher, are almost conspiratorial in their attempts to silence God's message via conscientious people. From a Christian viewpoint, he added, stifling free speech strengthens the antichrist spirit to rule the globe.

Farias also questioned the group behind the "prophetic standards" for seeking to salvage the prophetic movement's reputation in the aftermath of the presumably failed prophecy that Trump will win a second term despite evidence of voter fraud and continuing audits.

Finally, he reminds believers that the battle is not between Republicans and Democrats, but between good and evil, and he persistently calls on Christians to unite for righteousness to triumph over ungodliness in their country.

Christians are urged to pray for Bert and Carolyn Farias's healing and financial provision as they continue their ministry in the midst of what they are facing in their personal lives.