After turning to Christ, the secretary for an organization that is working to spread atheism in Kenya has stepped down from his post.

In what WND described as a "highly unusual announcement," the Atheists in Kenya (AIK) group said in a press release that Mr. Seth Mahiga is stepping down from his position because "he has found Jesus Christ and is no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya."

On Saturday evening, Mahiga, who has been a member of the organization for one and a half years, submitted his resignation, reports the Star.

The president of AIK, Harrison Mumia, expressed his gratitude to Seth for dedicating his time to the organization, and also wished him the best as he embarks on his next phase of life.

"We wish Seth all the best in his new found relations with Jesus Christ. We thank him for having served the society with dedication over the last one and half years," he said in the press statement.

Mumia then urged Kenyans interested in the position to send in their resumes.

"The position of the secretary of the Society has been rendered vacant. We are calling upon Kenyan atheists who would wish to join our Executive Committee to send their CVs," he wrote.

Since the beginning of AIK, the organization has fought against the inculcation of Christian values in the Kenyan school system, and on an annual basis advocates for the abolishment of the National Day of Prayer, reports UG Christian News.

According to NTV Kenya, the atheist organization urges Kenya to incorporate science and skepticism in its affairs, as well as a logical and humanistic approach to morality, citing the approximately 2.5 percent of Kenyans who claim having no religion or specifying no connection.

Christians are celebrating

After resigning, Mahiga's resignation generated various comments on social media, with the bulk of his fans thanking him for the daring choice. A few others suggested that Mumia do the same.

"Thank you God you have done it again. You changed Paul, you changed Zacchaeus the tax collector, you have now changed Seth Mahiga. May you also change our corrupt politicians," one Christian commented.

"Welcome to the world of reality and truth. The light shineth in the darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it!" Glory to Jesus," said another.

Mahiga further said in a church gathering, which was taped by Elevate TV Kenya and posted online by AIK, that he had been having personal troubles prior to deciding to step down as the organization's secretary, noted Eternity News. In the short video, the pastor is seen in the pulpit with Mahiga and the audience, encouraging everyone to offer God glory by saying "Hallelujah!" He then declared that "the Bible says: 'Every knee shall bow ...'"

Elevate TV posted the same video on Facebook with the caption, "Seth Mahiga, former Atheist Secretary General, confesses Jesus Christ at Life Church International Nairobi after resigning."

According to Cultural Atlas, about 82% of Kenyans describe themselves as Christians, with the majority classifying themselves as Protestant or Catholic. There are 11.2% of the population that identify as Muslim, 1.7% as traditionalists, and 1.6% as "other."