An audio app is currently being considered as an effective avenue to share the Word of God.

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media application where people can freely talk and share about ideas. CNBC described the experience of using it as a mix of listening to a podcast, scrolling Twitter feed and attending a conference. With funding from Andreessen Horowitz amounting $12 million, Clubhouse developers Paul Davison and Rohan Seth created the application in 2020.

People can only join the app through invitations. Existing users can invite others. Users are issued certain number of invites that can be shared with other people. One can get more if a user contributes a lot.

Virtual rooms are available on the platform where users can join. Upon entry on a certain room, audio switches on and they can hear the people speaking. Only the room creator can decide who can speak. Conversations cannot be recorded or saved on the app.

The application is getting popular among celebrities including Oprah, Kevin Hart, Drake, Chris Rock and Ashton Kutcher. It reportedly focuses on individuals considered as elite clientele that it has become a sort of status symbol.

The app is gaining more users. Christians are now utilizing the platform to engage people in sharing the Gospel.

Francina Norman, founder of Francina Norman Ministries, shared that the application has become a medium for the group to reach out the lost.

"We started having altar calls. And so, when we started having altar calls, we've had over 600 people get saved so far. So we've formed a network. Once they get saved, I form a team that will follow up and then they will tell us what country they're from, what state they're from, and then we will assign them a local church. So it's causing churches to grow, ministries to grow," Norman stated, captured by CBN News.

Caroline Adegun, founder of a faith-based club, "But GOD," launched a Christian community of more than 20,000 members on the platform. The club aims to network, empower and support its members. It also intends to support parents and people struggling during the pandemic. The group holds a weekly program on various topics. The founder said that the engagement of believers on the application has caused positive impact.

"We have received thousands of messages from members who are being healed and growing in faith because of our community," Adegun revealed.

JimDre Westbrook, an author and entrepreneur, created the "God Ideas" club on the platform. The creator aims to "impact 10 million people through moderating 1000 rooms by 2023." Entrepreneurs are the intended market of the club but it also offers a number of other topics. The group holds Bible reading on weekday mornings and hosts rooms weekly for discussions on business, wellness and relationships.

The room, "Kingdombosses Connect," was also formed on Clubhouse for Christian entrepreneurs. Founder Tiffany Bethea shared that she created the club to help "kingdom entrepreneurs stay focused on the God of the work while we are doing the work of God." It also hosts a room for other conversations such as therapy, purpose and marketing.

"Kingdomboss as a community existed before Clubhouse. However, our presence on this app has absolutely exploded and placed us in front of new people from around the world. It has deepened our ability to collaborate and joint venture also as an organization," Bethea said.