A minister from California states that a massive harvest is coming, and it will begin with a hunger brought about by the uncovering of many errors and evils plaguing society today.

On the topic of revivals breaking out throughout America such as the Student Action Summit 2021 in Tampa, Florida, Mario Murillo said something "unique" and "powerful" that has to do with "direct, piercing, and unapologetic" Gospel preaching will take place.

"The day of the mass crusades has returned," Murillo said in response to Flashpoint host Gene Bailey's request for input on the thousands of students who took part in SAS 2021.

"It means ladies and gentlemen that we are on the brink of a massive harvest," he continued. "It'll begin with this political expose. The falsehood of false justice, false morality is going to give way to a hunger."

Earlier in his response to Bailey, Murillo said that God would utilize patriotism and activism to "galvanize" Americans' perceptions of the in-breaking Kingdom of God, and that the media's worst course of action would be to ignore it.

Given that reality, Murillo said that everyone should work on honing their preaching skills. A return to the fundamental knowledge of how to communicate the gospel without apologizing is a must, too.

"The people are so hungry that it is greater than what I saw in the Jesus movement - the hunger and the reactiveness, people groaning in their seats to be born again in numbers - I did not see even when I was in Berkeley. So we're on to something folks, and it's time to get excited," he said.

According to gotquestions.org, the Jesus Movement was an American "counterculture Christian youth movement" that emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The term "Jesus freaks" was frequently used to describe the youth converts since so many of them had previously been drug users or homeless people.

Pastor Sam Rodriguez, author of "Persevere with Power," agreed wholeheartedly with Murillo, saying that the fight for today's youth movement determines the fate of the future generation.

"I believe that my children and my children's children, in the name of Jesus, will do greater things in the advancement of the kingdom of heaven on Earth," he proclaimed.

There were thousands of students between the ages of 15 and 26 in attendance, according to a recap video published by Victory Channel. A participant by the name of Annie Knab also uploaded a review clip of her experience at the conference, in which she highlighted her most important takeaways which mainly dealt with societal problems from a Christian viewpoint.

"There's a whole wide array of different people there, but we all came together to form this movement, to meet each other, to form a community, and that to me is what the conservative movement has been lacking," she said.

In a related report concerning Kingdom movement among young people, many reportedly encountered 'the Presence Of God' during Justin Bieber's music event in California.

This is reminiscent of the Jesus Movement's heyday, when followers were believed to number between 30,000 and 3 million. Many of the movement's early pioneers, like Ted Wise, Lonnie Frisbee, Chuck Smith, and Larry Norman, are said to have originated in Southern California as per Got Questions.