A U.S.-based mom who unsuccessfully tried to abort her baby expressed her happiness he is born alive and healthy.

Life News reported that the unnamed mother shared her story in Tiktok through a video showing her son and how she tried to abort him but failed. The young mother revealed that financial constraints of having another child made her decide to undergo abortion last year.

According to The U.S. Sun, the woman called her son a "miracle" since he survived even though she has taken abortion pills that are said to terminate pregnancy by blocking hormones. She disclosed that her first born was from a previous relationship and having another one with her current boyfriend would make her present situation more complex.

"I had an abortion but he was born anyways," the woman said in Tiktok.

"I did that because we were both in situationships with our previous children's parents. We weren't stable financially or mentally," she explained.

The young mother narrated that she went to the clinic and took one pill. When she got home she used four more of the abortion pills that led her to experience bleeding the next morning. This made her think that her abortion was successful.

However, the next five days made her experience pregnancy symptoms that the clinic prescribed a second dose of the abortion pills for her to take. She then experienced "textbook abortion" wherein she had bleeding again. Then she took a pregnancy test as per instruction of the clinic after a few weeks of doing the abortion. The pregnancy test shocked her because it showed that she was positive.

This made her return to the clinic where she was advised to undergo surgical abortion. Due to the cost and the fact that the clinic does not offer refunds, she did not take that option.

"So I left, deciding I was having a baby," she remarked.

The mom and her boyfriend eventually got married, and then their baby boy was born after that.

The mother described her pregnancy after that as "wasn't great" and that she gave birth on the Eve of Christmas. She revealed that the abortion pill caused her son a mild deformity--a club foot that is now undergoing corrective surgery--but nonetheless a very happy and healthy baby. She expressed happiness for deciding to keep him.

The U.S. Sun revealed that the mother was praised by many Tiktokers for her courage calling her "strong and brave." While there were some who commented asking if she loved the child, which she affirmed giving her decision not to take the surgical abortion as proof of it.

"I love my kid, of course I do. I decided to have him. I could have still got the surgical abortion. He's a textbook miracle," she responded.

Life News highlighted that most mothers who decide to choose life would nearly be impossible to experience regrets for their decision as compared to women who decide to push through with the abortion and succeed with it. ABC News stressed that post-abortion grief is real, calling it a "pain often not recognized and a hard thing to talk about" being a trauma.