An Afghan woman revealed in an interview that the Taliban "didn't change" at all and they are still "killing, beating" women and kids.

The woman who escaped with her children from the Taliban, speaking with CBN News, asked that her identity be kept secret out of the fear of retaliation. The said woman along with others are being helped by the Jewish Family Service of Seattle get to safety.

"They were killing, beating women, beating kids in front of my own eyes. I was seeing the same Taliban that was there 20 years ago. They didn't change. This time they are bold. They are more experienced. They have even more experience to find the people," the woman said.

The woman disclosed as well that many are still stranded in Afghanistan including people who helped and worked for years with the United States such as her father, siblings, and husband.

"It is really hard, and in the morning, you wake up, you see that you lost everything you achieved in 20 years. We did not achieve them easy. We paid a lot. We paid by our lives," the woman shared.

She also recounted her mother's dying wish to help her siblings and highlighted regrets of not being able to honor it since her siblings were left behind.

"She asked me to help two of my sisters. I was not able to help them. They are not only my sisters. There are millions of women. They paid a lot. They lost everything," she stressed.

Meanwhile, Texas Representative Mike McCaul revealed through Fox News Sunday said that the Taliban were retaliating against former Afghan government officials who helped the United States military.

"The retaliation has been severe, Chris. You have stories of interpreters being taken home to their families and watching their wives and families being beheaded, executed before they execute the interpreter. This is not a new and improved Taliban. This is the same old Taliban. They are reverting back to with the same brutal practices," McCaul told Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace.

McCaul said the Biden Administration stranded more than 250 Afghan orphan girls at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music who have been captured by the Taliban and brought to enslavement.

"Now they've returned and now they are under Taliban enslavement and we know that they marry off young women as young as 12, many times 14 years old. It's a very sick culture and they treat women like property. I worry about the women left behind as well," McCaul disclosed.

In addition, McCaul also revealed that six of conservative commentator Glenn Beck's chartered private planes carrying 1,500 refugees and 100 Americans were blocked by the Taliban during the weekend from taking off Afghanistan from the Mazar-i-Sharif International Airport due to failure of negotiatiions with the US State Department. The said chartered flights were out of Beck's "Operation Nazarene Rescue" with The Nazarene Fund.

Beck, however, rebutted in his radio program the claims that it was the Taliban who blocked the flights but rather the Biden Administration. He pointed to the U.S. State Department who handed the manifesto to the Taliban, which in turn, made the evacuation procedures "more difficult."