The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says in its Myths and Facts About COVID-19 page that it can't force people to get the vaccine despite President Joe Biden's mandating it.

In the Myths and Facts About COVID-19 page's Other Myths and Facts subsection, the CDC posted the question, "Can CDC mandate that I get a COVID-19 vaccine?"

The answer to the question is "No", and the CDC explained that this is not a requirement.

The CDC also pointed out a similar answer towards requiring documentation on vaccination--alluding to vaccination passports. It highlighted that vaccination mandates imposed by other institutions or government bodies is a matter outside its jurisdiction:

"No. The federal government does not mandate (require) vaccination for people. Additionally, CDC does not maintain or monitor a person's vaccination records. Whether a state or local government or employer, for example, can require or mandate COVID-19 vaccination is a matter of state or other applicable law."

Clicking the "other applicable law" link in its statement opens the Immunization Action Coalition website that enlists laws and mandates implemented by various states on various vaccines including COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Not The Bee pointed out that Biden must have forgotten to instruct the CDC to update its confusing statement on the vaccination mandate considering Biden has imposed it months earlier.

"Notice the question is not does, but can the CDC mandate. And the answer is still no, but you might be a little confused about that since the President is singing a different tune when it comes to mandating the vaccine," Not The Bee said.

"He must have forgotten to tell the CDC to update their FAQs to reflect what he decided yesterday is a totally constitutional move," the media outlet added. " I mean they were all on the same page a few months ago, but I guess they forgot to memory hole the inconvenient FAQs."

Former Principal Assistant Press Secretary Chad Gilmartin tweeted on Saturday about the CDC Myths and Facts page to highlight the oversight in communication between the agency and the president. Gilmartin's tweet includes the screencapture of the actual CDC page with added emojis that convey confusion and wondering. While Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany retweeted Gilmartin's post and raised, "How is this currently on Joe Biden's CDC's Website?!"

Biden has imposed a vaccination mandate for "the federal government" last July in line with his COVID-19 Action Plan. The vaccination requirement was next implemented with the private sector in the same month, resulting to various institutions in "cities in all 50 states" having "announced new vaccination requirements." Vaccination has also become a part of employment requirements, which The White House disclosed increased to 90% in July.

Last week, Biden announced new vaccination mandates as he increased targets to 80 million unvaccinated Americans in line with his COVID-19 Plan. The new mandate is said to be "sweeping various private sectors." Biden claimed his directive is not a matter of stepping on people's "freedom or personal choice" but a matter of "protection."

"We cannot allow these actions to stand in the way of protecting the large majority of Americans who have done their part, who want to get back to life as normal," Biden said.

In early August, Biden declared the new surge of COVID-19 cases brought about by the Delta variant a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" and urged citizens to get vaccinated as studies have revealed its benefits of protection. Biden said the new cases involved people who were unvaccinated. He highlighted studies showing that people who are unvaccinated are the ones getting infected by the Delta variant, getting hospitalized, and more commonly dying from it.

Biden, in the said August declaration, pointed that "there's a lot of misinformation out there" and underscored the facts that vaccinated people "are highly unlikely to get COVID-19." He said the likelihood of getting the COVID-19 virus when one is already vaccinated is small and "chances are you won't show any symptoms; and if you do, they'll most likely be very mild."


It's worth noting that despite Biden's push to force people into getting vaccinated for a virus that has a very high recovery rate, he himself is not applying the same mandate to other people in power, particularly in Congress. This move earned him much backlash, in addition to the many failed decisions he made for the country.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, one of the government leaders who expressed opposition to Biden's vaccine mandate, pointed out that "This plan isn't about public health - this is about government control and taking away personal liberties."

Per Ricketts, "Americans, not the federal government, are responsible for taking charge of their personal health." This is true, and people should have the right to choose whether they will get vaccinated or not, especially after reports revealed the real risks the vaccines bring.

Recent reports indicated that COVID vaccines really aren't as safe as they make it out to be. The FDA itself knew that the Pfizer vaccine, for example, had many side effects including death long before they approved the one now called Comirnaty.

COVID vaccines also account for the tens of thousands of injuries and deaths, either reported, unreported, manipulated, or even erased from records.