The Kendrick brothers' documentary film about fatherhood was released in theaters last Friday.

"Show Me The Father" tackles the "biblical roles of fathers," as well as the "biblical truths" of God's fatherhood Crosswalk, said.

"Fatherhood on Earth was created out of the Fatherhood of God. And He did not create it to replace Him. [Instead,] he created it to represent and then introduce Him to everybody," Producer Stephen Kendrick said.

He added that the film aims to present the goodness and faithfulness of God as a father.

"One of the goals [is] that when people walk out of the theater, they will have a better understanding of how good and faithful God is as their Father -- and they would learn to trust Him as their father."

Directed by Rick Altizer, the movie was produced by Stephen, Alex and Shannon Kendrick. It features Alex and Stephen themselves, alongside Focus on Family President Jim Daly, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Pastor Tony Evans, former NFL Seahawks coach Sherman Smith and University of Indiana associate head coach Deland McCullough, among others.

In the film, Smith revealed that he had a loving father who encouraged him for bigger things in life than merely working in a steel mill in Ohio. Smith went on to become a good father himself and mentored McCullough who grew up without a dad.

Daly, on the other hand, disclosed that he had an abusive and alcoholic biological father who "disappointed" him as a boy and even threatened to kill his mom. When his mother left the relationship and remarried, his stepfather turned out to be a "harsh disciplinarian" and did not know how to care of his mother when she was stricken with cancer.

When she died, Daly was placed on foster care where he had "more painful experiences."

He then moved in with his older brother. Later on, he met a coach, Paul Morrow, from whom he finally felt the love of a father. His relationship with Morrow eventually led him to finding the Lord Jesus Christ.

Daly said that if someone does not have a father, God is offering Himself to that person as "the best Father [he] could ever have."

The producers shared that their goal is to make a man become a "better father" by simply watching the documentary since it would show the consequences of having good and bad fathers to children.

Pastor Evans uncovered that the film tells about hope, wherein God can turn things around only if a person is willing to repent and "turn from sin and turn to Him."

"Even though fatherlessness is directly connected to so much brokenness in today's world, we wanted to go beyond traditional documentaries and show how God is the perfect Father and can amazingly provide the love and healing to anyone at any stage in life," Stephen said, captured by The Christian Post.

Further, he expected that the movie will impact the future lives of its viewers.

"If people five to 10 years down the road say, 'After I saw that film, God became my Father' - then that is success for us more than anything else," the producer stated.