Christian singer Jason Crabb revealed that he just found himself passionate about speaking the Word of God - and is moving on to a new season in his life.

Crabb shared the revelation during an interview with The Christian Post, discussing about his latest EP, "Just As I Am."

"I love to speak. I don't like to speak when I don't feel like God hasn't given me something to say. God had me digging in the word here recently. I was driving a truck and got hooked up on Amalek," he said.

He disclosed that he did a few months of study about the ancient enemy of Israel, learning the reason behind God's command to Saul of eliminating the Amalekites. But the first king of Israel failed his mission and the tribe's descendants survived and later haunted the Jews during the reign of Ahasuerus. Crabb said that he even found out the connection of Amalek's nature with the last world wars.

"It was really rare for me. After I called my brother, I said, 'Hey, I've got a word for the Church. I've got to come share it'. After I shared [the Word], my family was there, and they all came up to me go. 'Who are you? Where did this come from?'" he continued.

The singer stated that the songs in his latest EP express his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and his desire to share it with others.

He said that Esther is one of his favorite books in the Bible, relating such time today wherein Christians are positioned to share about God's power to save the people amidst "this moment" of confusion.

"...So now more than ever, especially Christian artists, we have to be in overdrive. We have to be telling everyone, 'Hey, look, God's got you, He's got this,'" he declared.

He also pointed out that believers have to do a couple of things.

"...we have to be evangelizing and preaching the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, who He really is. Not what religion says He is, but grace and mercy and love and forgiveness and compassion. Jesus, who He really is. I think we have to go preach that to the world. Jesus is our strong tower, our source of strength, our comfort in the time of hurt, our peace in the troubled days. That's who Jesus is."

The artist uncovered that he did 190 shows, touring churches and helping reopen ministries since September 2020. He described the experience as "one of the most refreshing things" and felt like it was his "moment." He emphasized that God will not bring a problem to one's attention if He will not help that person accomplish what is needed.

Further, he said that though he is glad about being a Christian artist, he is more "excited" about being a believer, being part of God's family and welcoming people in, which he said echoed the lyrics of his song, "Heart Wide Open."

Crabb shared that he is set to record a new Christian album. He is currently under Red Street Records (RSR), a music label partly owned by Rascall Flatts member Jay De Marcus.

Last February, RSR had a fun way of promoting the artist when it partnered with Natalie Decker for her competitions in the Daytona Road Course and 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series, having Crabb's image featured in her racing car, the Chevrolet No. 23.