Renowned minister Joyce Meyer encouraged believers to show love to others by allowing themselves to be used as God's vessels through "divine interruptions."

In her article on Charisma Magazine, Meyer said that Jesus taught His followers how to be compassionate by narrating the parable about the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.

Jesus shared the story in response to a Mosaic Law expert who wanted to know who his "neighbor" is. He stated such after the LORD declared His commandments in Luke 10:27, following the expert's inquiry about having eternal life.

In the parable, the Samaritan chose to help a wounded man on the road, spending his time and money for the man's recovery. A priest and a Levite, who are considered religious people, also saw the man but opted not to care and ignored him instead.

Meyer said that she loved how Jesus pointed out that it took compassion for the Samaritan to help a person in desperate need.

"It wasn't a quick, easy job either. And this Samaritan was going somewhere, just like the priest and the Levite, but he was willing to be interrupted to take care of someone in need," she added.

Meyer stated that like the Good Samaritan, Christians must also make themselves available to help other people even at an inconvenient time.

"If we're really going to love people the way Jesus loves us-following the example He showed us of how to walk in love-then we can't have a selfish, self-centered mindset that says, 'Don't bother me. I don't want you in my space!'" she continued.

The minister said that Jesus Himself exemplified such action when He came to live with people, wherein He allowed to be interrupted by those in need, such as the leper who came to Him for healing, as the Bible states in Matthew 8.

But she emphasized that for this to be possible, a person must spend time with God, as Jesus also did, to be able to hear what He says.

"Jesus made Himself available to people in need as He followed God's plan each day. He was willing to go to people who had needs," she further said.

She stressed that it's easy to dismiss one's call for help if it's inconvenient for a person to extend help or sometimes, the distractions are just out plan.

"But I've found that many times God wants me to allow Him to change the course of my day so He can use me to bless someone else. It could be a small act of kindness that only takes a few minutes or it could be something that totally changes my day. Either way, when I'm following Jesus, I never have regrets!" the minister revealed.

In conclusion, she urged Christians to pray how they can be used by God daily.

"I want to encourage you to pray every day, "God, what can I do for YOU today?" You'll be amazed at the ways He works in and through your life when you do-even when it interrupts your plan," Meyer stated.