Notre Dame Law School Assistant Professor Sherif Girgis reportedly predicts that the United State Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade such that abortion could already be illegal by Summer.

Life News said Girgis, who was Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's former law clerk, said Roe v. Wade would be reversed after oral arguments have been done last Wednesday, December 1, in line with the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case.

Girgis pointed out that those who made prior predictions on what will happen during the scheduled oral arguments of the controversial and landmark case Dobbs v. Jackson are now reversing their opinion as the Supreme Court justices showed otherwise. Wednesday's hearing actually left mainstream media worried while pro-life experts hopeful that Roe v. Wade would be overturned.

"Across the political spectrum, many close court-watchers who would've said at 9:59 a.m. that there is no chance the Court fully reverses Roe are now saying that's the likeliest outcome," he said.

Girgis shared observations on the oral arguments during his interview, citing Alito asking "repeatedly" for a "middle ground" as Kavanaugh "repeatedly signaled" states being empowered to decide on the matter of abortion.

"The Chief repeatedly asked if there was a middle ground, and no one produced one. On the contrary, the lawyers for the Biden administration and the clinics repeatedly rejected any middle ground. Justice Kavanaugh repeatedly signaled that he thinks abortion is entirely for the states to decide. Justice Barrett showed that the availability of adoption undercuts many of the arguments for a constitutional abortion right," he highlighted.

"I would be very surprised if Roe survived the summer," he added.

National Review pro-life expert Dan Mclaughlin echoes Girgis' observations that "Alito pinned down some key concessions" as Kavanaugh "hammered away at the point that getting the Court out of abortion is the neutral, small-d democratic middle ground." Mclaughlin stressed that this is a "very encouraging" sign that the justices will go in the direction of upholding the life of the unborn, especially with the three liberal justices sounding "like people who expect to lose."

Similarly, former Ohio Deputy Solicitor General Megan Wold agrees on the statements of Girgis stating that the 1973 United States Supreme Court "Roe v. Wade" was a wrong decision from the start. Wold cited scientific and legal developments that show why this is so.

"The justices signaled that Roe was wrongly decided as an original matter; that Roe has been undermined by subsequent scientific and legal developments; that the Constitution is silent on the question of abortion; and that no right to abortion exists in our country's history and tradition. These views support overruling Roe," Wold told Life News in an interview.

This is what Attorney State General Lynn Finch raised to the Supreme Court in July through her 49-paged brief detailing the Science of fetal development. This was later backed in August by the Catholic Association Foundation and three doctors through another brief containing 4D ultrasound images highlighting the technological advancements in determining the viability of the unborn.

The National Review pointed out that Fitch's brief pushes America to face the facts of abortion, which pro-life giant Susan B. Anthony List urges the courts would really consider for it is "time the law reflects Science." A movement pro-life organization Live Action supported by circulating actual photos of abortion victims on the eve of the Dobbs v. Jackson case oral arguments.