A Christian author advises Christians to be conscious of the importance they place on technology over God in their lives.

Author Wallace Henley believes that American society, without caution, may quickly reach "dangerous territory," where they forget about God's supremacy.

Henley, a Christian Post (CP) columnist and author of "Who Will Rule the Coming 'Gods'?" claims that people are beginning to "worship" such mechanical creations, CBN News reported.

"There's actually an A.I. church now and there's another technology specialist who said if this thing can go a billion times faster than the human brain, this machine, than the only thing that we can call it is God," Henley stated in a recent appearance on The Global Lane, in which he warned that an undue reliance on technology may lead people away from realizing and appreciating God's authority.

"Just at a time when we are forgetting God, forgetting His transcendent majesty and our accountability to it, we are developing these machines that are taking His place," said Henley.

He pointed out how that the world they're building is one in which robots offer people with a more leisurely and easy society, but one in which there is no responsibility and no reliance on God.

"Remember Rosey the robot from the 1960's cartoon, The Jetsons?" he asked. "It's no longer light-hearted science fiction. Today, less sophisticated robots are being used to vacuum floors, build automobiles, and deliver fast food."

In addition, Amazon has reportedly created Astro, a robot that watches one's house and follows them from room to room while they go about their business.

Given how many people look forward to the day when robots would trim their lawns and maybe even repair their plumbing, the presenter questioned Henley whether we should be worried on moral and spiritual levels.

Henley said that it is not necessary to be concerned as long as people grasp the value of modern technology and the role that it should play in their daily lives.

"I'm thankful every time I go to a doctor and they have to probe me instead of opening my body and doing exploratory surgery and they can stick something inside of me and find out what's wrong. I like that, that's great. That's much better," he said. "But what's dangerous is when we forget that God is enthroned, that we were made for transcendence, a human being is wired for that."

Digging deeper, Henley thinks that the Founding Fathers of the United States of America recognized the need of responsibility to God and the recognition of God's transcendence in their day.

"They said we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, and whenever we don't understand that, then the state becomes dominant and the utility becomes the most important thing," he said.

Henley noted that American people lost sight of God's transcendence during the slave era, which was a time in which human beings were seen as property and possessions. As a result, people are being exploited without the advantage of fellowship, and without the connection that God wishes for his children to have.

"But here's the positive aspect," he said. "Jesus says in Matthew 24: 14 that He will not come back until this gospel of the kingdom is proclaimed all over the earth as a witness to all the ethnics, all the people groups, and then the end - the telos - the purpose of all things will come."

"So, I'm excited about what technology can do in helping us get the gospel of the Kingdom all over the world and I'm grateful for that."