The worldwide-known beatboxer who launched a Bible-based podcast in April is shedding light on how others can "stay true to one true God."

Kevin Olusola, the singer, songwriter, and beatboxer for the three-time Grammy Award-winning group Pentatonix is opening up about his newly launched Bible-based podcast called "Imagine Faith Talk." In it, Olusola and his co-host and friend, author Donovan Dee Donnell, would hold discussions on what they call "faith-based success."

Olusola said in a conversation with the Christian Headlines that when he started in the entertainment business with Pentatonix, he observed that he "didn't have a lot of people to talk to about how do you try to do what you're called to do within an industry that's not necessarily built for the Christian."

The Pentatonix singer's observations led him to the realization that "there were other Daniels out in this world," referring to the Old Testament leader Daniel, who was captured in Babylon and learned the rituals but "still remains true to the one true God."

Olusola remarked that as Daniel remained true to the one true God, he also became a leader out of 120 leaders because of "the excellent Spirit" in him.

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Olusola Discusses the Beginnings of the 'Imagine Faith Talk' Podcast

The idea for the Bible-based podcast started with a Bible study that the Pentatonix singer launched in Los Angeles before the pandemic began. It was there where he met Donnell, who is also a life coach and entrepreneur. Olusola said that Donnell had helped him with the Bible study.

After attending the Bible study hosted by Olusola, his friend Kory Nelson suggested that the Pentatonix singer and Donnel launch a faith-based podcast. Olusola said that the goal of the podcast was to help "optimize" their performance.

The Pentatonix beatboxer explained that the optimization is important because, "Faith and works are necessary together. Faith without works is dead. Faith with weak works, if you will, is futile." Thus, he said, people must "optimize" the work through "time management, productivity, clarity," specifically with "within the uniqueness that God has given."

Optimizing Performance to the Calling of God

Olusola likened the Christian community with an orchestra composed of many different parts. As an individual, the Pentatonix beatboxer said he would not try to be something else if God called him to be one thing. He argued that people must optimize their faith and their works "to be able to be the best for God." He added that his Christian faith has helped him stay grounded amidst Pentatonix's success.

Olusola remarked to the Christian Beat that "the Bible is our greatest life coaching tool."

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