The Hillsong Church recently welcomed its new global senior pastors on Sunday, Feb. 5.  An article in The Christian Post says that twelve months after serving as interim worldwide senior pastors of Hillsong Church following the resignation of founder Brian Houston, husband-and-wife pastors Phil and Lucinda Dooley were appointed permanently to the role.

Stephen Crouch, chair of the Hillsong Church Global Board, stated that Both Phil and Lucinda were raised in the congregation. They have worked in several capacities, including youth pastors, worship pastors, and pastoral care, and have spent the last 14 years creating and maintaining a flourishing church in South Africa.

The senior board believes they possess the leadership spirit in their lives. And as they have come to know them better, as people have come to know them better, it becomes clear that they follow the Lord. Crouch added, "I believe they'll lead this church with grace and wisdom."

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About Phil Dooley and Lucinda Dooley

According to Hillsong, since 2004, Phil and Lucinda Dooley have served as the senior pastors of Hillsong Church, Africa. In 2008, they both migrated from Sydney, Australia, to Cape Town, South Africa. Before relocating to South Africa, they oversaw the youth and young adult ministry of Hillsong Church Australia for 12 years. Phil was also heavily involved in the early creation of the worship music ministry at Hillsong United.

Phil believes that everyone has a God-given purpose and is therefore valued and capable of making a difference in someone's life. He is committed to living a life of personal health, growth, and development and is enthusiastic about leadership. Phil enjoys celebrating people's growth, and expansion into all God has for them.

Lucinda's devotion to Jesus is infectious. She is awe-inspiring as a wife, mother, leader, communicator, and church builder. Lucinda is devoted to valuing women, enhancing their lives, and seeing them reach their full potential. Together, they are committed to uplifting people's lives via the message of Jesus' good news.

Brian Houston's Resignation

According to The Washington Post, Brian Houston, the pastor and co-founder of the megachurch Hillsong resigned after the church board examined two accusations of inappropriate behavior against women.Approximately ten years ago, Houston sent inappropriate text messages to a staff member, who subsequently left, according to a statement made by the board. It was stated that Houston, who has since recovered from his sleeping pill addiction, was under the influence of the drug when he sent the messages.

The second incident occurred in 2019 at the Sydney-based annual Hillsong Conference, launched by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. According to the board's statement, Houston knocked on a hotel room door and spent "time with the female occupant." The church investigation revealed that Houston was disoriented after exceeding the recommended dosage of anti-anxiety medicine and mixing it with alcohol.

A statement published by the board stated that it had accepted Houston's resignation and would conduct an independent assessment of its governance structure and practices during a "time of modest contemplation." In addition, authorities believe that Frank Houston sexually molested a young man in the 1970s and that Brian Houston learned about it in 1999 but neglected to report it before his father's 2004 death. He has entered a not-guilty plea, and the case has yet to be tried in court.

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