Are you excited to play Pokémon Go and catch your first-ever pocket monster? Gamers could wait a bit longer, though, but recent rumors revealed that Nintendo has the augmented-reality game on top of their priority list.

Previous rumors indicated that Nintendo will release Pokémon Go and Pokémon Z in December in time for the Holiday season. But December ended without even a word from Nintendo about their plans.

But according to Movie Pilot, Pokémon Go could be released in February -- months ahead of the possible release date for Pokémon Z. The report pointed out that Pokémon Go is still in beta phase, but will definitely be released for iOS and Android devices this year -- unlike Pokémon Z, which is surrounded by uncertainty.

Pokémon Go has been making a lot of noise since Nintendo announced that they are working with Pokémon Company and augmented-reality developer Niantic to produce a mobile game that will allow gamers to catch pocket monsters in different locations, and use it to battle or trade with rivals.

Since it has been making headlines over the past several months, Nintendo knows Pokémon Go should not become a disappointment. Fans should not worry, though, because Nintendo, Pokémon Company and Niantic appear focused on providing a solid gaming experience.

John Hanke of Niantic recently told Venture Beat that they will definitely take advantage of the powerful hardware and devices, but they are more focused on developing a game gamers will enjoy playing. This is the main reason why the companies involved invested $30 million for the highly-anticipated iOS and Android app.

"We've seen this with platforms throughout the history of video games. It's about what's fun in the game and creating new and fun game experiences," Hanke said. "The hardware enables that, but it's not about the hardware. It's about the experience enabled through it."

Can't get enough of Pokémon Go? Watch the video below to know more about the upcoming iOS and Android free-to-play augmented-reality game.