The North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara has been fined $15,000 for holding indoor services in violation of the county health order. It was the largest corona virus related fines levied in Santa Clara County.

The county issued the church two $5,000 fines last Sunday for holding indoor morning and evening services, violating health order, and was fined another $5,000 again on Wednesday for another in-person-service. 

A cease-and-desist letter was posted on the church's door stating that "North Valley Baptist was in violation of the health order for holding indoor services, failing to ensure mask-wearing and social distancing indoors, singing during services and failing to submit a social distancing protocol."

The $5000 fine is the highest possible fine for business violation of the coronavirus health order that Santa Clara county adopted earlier this month. According to County Counsel James Williams, "the county has avoided issuing fines in favor of working with businesses to bring them into compliance." However, issuing the highest possible fine to North Valley baptist was inevitable because of the continuous violation and ignorance.