Kayleigh McEnany Recalls God's Faithfulness During Her Time As Trump's White House Press Secretary

The former White House Press Secretary shared how God guided her to take on her role during President Donald Trump's administration.

End Times Author Says Biden Is Either 'Extremely Incompetent' Or Is Deliberately Crippling The US Economy

Michael Snyder, author of several End Times books, wrote an analytical post on the discrepancy between the acts of the current President of the United States and his claims that the economy would impr…
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  • Joshua Choon Min Kang

    Lay Down, Let Go, and Surrender

    Jesus knows that we are carrying heavy burdens. In order to rest, we must come to Jesus with our heavy burdens. And we must lay down our heavy burdens before Jesus. We can rest when we put our heavy burden on Jesus. The secret of rest is in laying things down.
  • Thom Rainer

    Seven Costs to Being an Evangelistic Leader in Your Church

    Though it is not an excuse, we must acknowledge that the pastors and other church leaders pay a high cost when they become intentionally evangelistic. Sometimes it just seems easier to keep our mouths shut about the gospel. Look at these costs to being an evangelistic leader in a local church.
  • Bryan Kim

    The Mothers of Women’s Discipleship Training

    During this third year of discipleship training, I had the privilege of serving in the women’s class. As a senior pastor, it is customary to serve the men’s group so serving the women was a bit of an exception.
  • Joshua Choon Min Kang

    The Heart That Desires Beauty

    One of my pleasures is to have an interest in new topics. Interest in new topics begins with encounter. New or unfamiliar encounters can help you to become interested in new topics.
  • Thom Rainer

    Five Terrible Reasons to Enter Vocational Ministry

    Vocational ministry is a calling. It is not just another vocation. If you enter ministry for the wrong reasons, it is likely you will not do well. Indeed, it is likely you will not make it. Here are five of the most common failures.
  • Joshua Choon Min Kang

    Resting is to Lay Down and Take a Break

    The weather is very hot. But summer must be hot. We cannot resist the flow of nature. The most flexible life is to live according to the flow of nature.
  • Thom Rainer

    Five Overcorrection Mistakes Churches Make

    The pendulum swings in churches. The congregation does not like a previous direction, so they overcompensate with the next move they make. Often, the overcompensation becomes a more challenging situation than the previous state.
  • Joshua Choon Min Kang

    Service Toward Others Is Shown Through a Kneeling Posture

    The spirituality of service is the spirituality of Jesus. Jesus says that “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45).
  • Bryan Kim

    A Shoe Musing

    They say that when a tiger dies it leaves its leather, but when a people die they leave a legacy (their name). I regard that as the remnant of a life well lived. The reason why there is such an emptiness when a person passes away is precisely because of that remnant of a life well lived. When I thin…
  • Thom Rainer

    Seven Personality Types of Sick Churches

    Sick churches become dying churches. Dying churches become closed churches. Those statements are factual unless some type of change or intervention takes place. But intervention or change is unlikely unless the church recognizes that it is sick.
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