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Repent and be forgiven

Pastor Reveals Mother's Attempted Abortion, Credits God for Saving His Life


In an inspiring sermon on the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, megachurch pastor Jack Hibbs shares his personal story of surviving a failed abortion attempt made by his mother and credits God for saving his life. He expresses support for the pro-life stance and encourages the congregation to seek forgiveness and choose life."READ MORE


Evangelical Leader Declares CofE Same-Sex Blessing Proposals' Unsustainable'


The Church of England faces backlash from Evangelical leaders as it moves towards acknowledging and apologizing for discrimination against LGBTQI+ individuals and introducing blessings for same-sex couples. Evangelical Alliance UK's Gavin Calver calls the proposals "unsustainable."READ MORE

Car Accident

Tragedy Strikes Bible College: 5 Christian Students Perish in Car Accident


A tragic car accident claims the lives of 5 Christian students returning home from a visit to Jackson Hole Bible College in Wyoming. The Sylvan Hills community and the entire Pulaski County Special School District are in a state of shock and mourning as they remember the victims, Salomon Correa, Magdalene Franco, Andrea Prime, Suzy Prime, and Ava Luplow.READ MORE

Cardinal Muller

Cardinal Claims Pope Francis Lacks 'Divine Connection' in New Publication


Know about the criticism of Pope Francis by Cardinal Gerhard Müller, who claims that the Holy Spirit does not affect Francis and that his book will assist in validating any concerns that people may have about the Pope.READ MORE

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday: Understanding the Annual Shift This 2023 and Its Significance


Discover the significance of Palm Sunday and the annual shift in 2023 with this informative guide. Learn about the historical event that took place in Jerusalem.READ MORE

End Times

Actor Neal McDonough on His New End Times Film and the Power of Trusting in God


Actor Neal McDonough reflects on his new End Times Film "Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist" and expresses the message left behind by the film. Read the article to know more!READ MORE

Book about Holiness

Uncovering the Essence of Christianity: A Look at Benedict XVI's Final Work "What is Christianity"


Explore the depths of Christianity with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's posthumous book, "What is Christianity" - an in-depth analysis of the Catholic Church's teachings and beliefs. Don't miss out on this fascinating read!READ MORE

Stop the War

Pope Urges Global Unity: Calls on Christians to Take a Stand Against War and Injustice


Join Pope Francis in his call for global unity and solidarity. Learn about the Pope's message on taking a stand against war and injustice and how we can all make a difference. A powerful and uplifting call to action for Christians everywhere.READ MORE


Texas Youth Pastor, Teacher Arrested in Connection to Sex Trafficking


Texas Youth Pastor and Teacher among 46 Arrested in Massive Undercover Prostitution Sting. A shocking revelation of individuals violating the trust placed in them by their community.READ MORE

Bravery of Nun

Religious Sister Stops Burglary Attempt with Divine Intervention: 'This is God's House'


Discover the inspiring story of Sister Mary Johnice Rzadkiewicz CSSF, who used divine intervention to stop a burglary attempt at her church's outreach program, The Response to Love. Learn how her faith and compassion are helping to empower individuals on their journey toward self-sufficiency.READ MORE

World Map

Rising Religious Persecution: The Top 50 Countries Where Following Jesus Is Most Dangerous in 2023


Discover the Top 50 countries where it is a struggle to follow Jesus and the ongoing reasons for persecution among these countries. Read the article to learn more.READ MORE


Animal Hearts Discovered Outside St. Peter's Church in England Spark Suspicion of Witchcraft


Animal hearts discovered outside of an English countryside church has sparked suspicions of witchcraft. Read more about the disturbing trend of occult activities targeting the 12th-century St. Peter's Church in Bramshaw and the efforts by authorities to find those responsible.READ MORE


Mysterious Handprint Found on Ancient Jerusalem Artifact Leaves Experts in Confusion


Discover the mystery behind the ancient handprint on a Jerusalem clay artifact. The discovery has left experts puzzled as they try to uncover the meaning and origins of this enigmatic find.READ MORE

Acceptance, respect

Pope Declares Homosexuality Not a Crime But a Sin; Calls to Respect LGBTQ+ Community


Pope Francis declares that while the Catholic Church views homosexuality as a sin, it should not be considered a criminal act and calls for respect and compassion towards the LGBTQ+ community.READ MORE

Perfect Love

Lady Redneck's 'Perfect Love' Single That Sends a Message About God's Love, Set For Release on Valentine's Day


Experience the power of God's love through the uplifting and inspiring music of Lady Redneck. Her new Valentine's Day single release, 'Perfect Love,' encapsulates the message of 1 John 4:18, that God's perfect love casts out all fear, despite our imperfections and flaws.READ MORE

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