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yellow 'Life' printed balloon

Grieving Parents Of Teen Killed In Jersey Shore Accident Hold On To God's Word: ‘All Our Days Are Numbered’


A family set to have a vacation in New Jersey came home to Union, Maine on Tuesday devastated by the sudden loss of their 18-year-old son but filled with faith in the goodness of God.READ MORE


House Committee Witnesses Assert Abortion For Any Purpose At Any Age Because It's 'Their Body'


On Wednesday's House Judiciary Committee Hearing on "Abortion Care," United States Representative Mike Johnson exposed the unrestricted abortion stand of two pro-choice witnesses, who defied the truth and Science of human life.READ MORE


Disney Blasted For Promoting ‘Sexual Confusion’ With LGBT Clothing Line


The Walt Disney Company has released a new LGBTQ+ line of clothing on Monday, which is reportedly part of fulfilling its commitment to the said community in its self-declared war against the state of Florida for the Parental Rights in Education Law or H.B.1557, which they tagged as the "Don't Say Gay" bill.READ MORE

Pastor Mark Driscoll

Cussing Pastor Hits On Biden As 'Coward' Bound For Hell


On the May 5 episode of "Real Faith" entitled "23 Scriptures Commanding True Christians To Oppose Abortion," controversial pastor Mark Driscoll criticized President Joe Biden in the light of the recent United States Supreme Court opinion leak.READ MORE

Global warming

Al Gore Likens Global Warming Effects To 'Book Of Revelation,' Calls For Action Against 'Climate Crisis'


Former Vice President Al Gore spoke to 100 representatives of various Black religious and environmental groups on Tuesday, May 17, in the hope of encouraging a joint solution in the ongoing crisis of climate and racial justice.READ MORE

Mother's Day Gifts

Jewish Mother Reunites With Child She Put Up For Adoption 80 Years Ago During WWII

A Jewish woman based in Canada received the most beautiful gift any mother could wish for on her 98th birthday: reuniting with her only child who she gave up for adoption 80 years ago. READ MORE

woman praying with her hands clasped

Grandmother Waiting For Trial A Year After Arrest For 'Praying Whilst Walking' In UK


A 76-year-old woman from Liverpool, United Kingdom has been waiting for justice for more than a year now from being arrested for walking and praying silently during COVID lockdowns.READ MORE

Democrats for Life logo

Pro-Life Democrat Crititcizes Own Political Party For 'Extreme' Abortion Platform


Connecticut Representative Trenee McGee, a Democrat who's been very vocal on her pro-life stand, criticized her own political party for becoming extreme in its stand on abortion.READ MORE

Sex Trafficking Victim

Texas Girl Abducted During NBA Games For Oklahoma Trafficking Safely Home, Files Lawsuit


The family of the teenage girl who went missing after going to the bathroom during a Dallas Mavericks game has filed a lawsuit last week against several organizations that could have prevented the sexual exploitation the child experienced. READ MORE

Naomi Judd

Wynonna Judd Praises ‘Pentecostal’ God, Says She’ll “Continue to Sing” to Honor Mom Naomi


The 57-year-old Grammy-nominated Wynonna Judd on Sunday praised God on primetime television and revealed plans to continue with "The Final Tour," supposedly set with her mom, Naomi, who died afterward from suicide.READ MORE

Student Alleges Tennessee Christian College Discriminated Against Her After Reporting Rape

Brave Samaritan Saves Woman From Attempted Kidnapping, Rescue Caught On Cam


A brave woman from Burlington, Massachusetts saved a 37-year-old mother from an attempted rape and abduction on a Sunday night.READ MORE

Pastor Tony Spell released from prison

Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell Plans To Sue Over Wrongful Arrests Following Court Victory


Life Tabernacle Church Pastor Tony Spell vowed to file charges against the state of Louisiana for the unlawful arrests made to him during the height of the pandemic.READ MORE

New York Shooting Kills 10 People Including 2 Christians

Buffalo Pastor Denounces Society That 'Produces People' Like Racist Mass Shooter In New York


Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church Pastor George Nicholas criticized the mass shooting inflicted by 18-year-old White supremacist Payton Gendron on Tops Friendly Markets' customers last Saturday.READ MORE

Chynna Phillips Baldwin

Christian Actress And YouTuber's Gratefulness To God Fuels Her To Help Others Overcome Grief


American actress turned Christian YouTuber Chynna Phillips Baldwin recently disclosed her sexual trauma at the age of 12, which God turned around and prompts her to help others.READ MORE

United States Supreme Court

Justice Clarence Thomas Reveals How Supreme Court Changed Following Draft Leak


United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas finally spoke publicly on Friday regarding the leaked draft opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health case, which raised the need to overturn Roe v. Wade.READ MORE

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