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Anton Carillo

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

Capitol Police Officer Testifying Against Jan. 6 Riots Is A BLM Activist, Report Reveals


A United States Capitol police officer testifying against former President Trump on the January 6 riots was found to be a Black Lives Matter activist.READ MORE

Anthony Fauci

Analysis Reveals Fauci’s NIH Has Been Funding Chinese Entities To Study Infectious Diseases Since 2012


The Daily Caller's analysis of federal data reveals that President Joe Biden's Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci's National Institutes of Health has been funding Chinese entities to study infectious diseases for almost a decade.READ MORE

Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Canadian Authorities Targeting Pastor Artur Pawlowski Again, Want 21 Days Jail Time For ‘Flaunting’ COVID Rules


Canadian Authorities are targeting Pastor Artur Pawlowski again, wanting to put him back in jail for 21 days for "flaunting" COVID-19 rules.READ MORE

woman voting

Auditors Done Counting Ballots In Arizona’s Maricopa County Despite Efforts To Derail Process


Auditors are reportedly done counting ballots last July 28 for Arizona's Maricopa County despite efforts to derail the process.READ MORE

Samaritan's Purse in Germany

Hundreds Of Samaritan’s Purse Volunteers Lend A Helping Hand To Flooding Victims In Germany


Hundreds reportedly signed-up to the global humanitarian organization Samaritan's Purse International Disaster Relief to lend a helping hand to flooding victims in Germany where more than 100 people died due to heavy rainfall last July 14.READ MORE

BLM Black Lives Matters Marxist Communist Anarchist

Most Americans Want BLM Riots, Not Jan. 6 Capitol Chaos, Investigated: Poll


A new survey reveals that most Americans want Black Lives Matter riots investigated, not the Jan. 6 chaos at the United States Capitol, showing how Democrats don't reflect voters' opinions.READ MORE

pills tablets medicine drugs

Father Of Girl Who Died After Taking Abortion Pill Calling To Have Death Investigated


A father from Papua New Guinea whose 16-year-old daughter died after taking the abortion pill has called on health officials for an investigation of her death.READ MORE

Dr. Leana Wen

Planned Parenthood Obsessed With Killing Unborn Babies, Its Former President Reveals


A former president of Planned Parenthood reportedly revealed how obsessed the global organization is in killing unborn babies.READ MORE

Biltmore United Methodist Church

Church Decides To Sell 1.9-Acre Property To Fund Efforts To Address Homelessness And Community Needs


A church in North Carolina reportedly decided to sell its 1.9 acre property in the hope of addressing the needs of the homeless and its community.READ MORE

Hidilyn Diaz

Olympic Athlete Wins Her Country’s First Gold Medal In Nearly A Century, Credits God For The Win


Filipina athlete Hidilyn Diaz won for the Philippines its first gold medal in nearly a century for the women's 55 kg (121-pound) weight lifting division during competitions held on Monday for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She credits God for her accomplishment.READ MORE

Tennes family

Christian Farmers From Michigan Targeted By City Officials For Their Religious Beliefs On Marriage


Christian Farmers from Michigan were targeted by city officials for their religious beliefs on marriage and were banned from the local market, reports say.READ MORE

vote ballot elections

Election Audit Twitter Accounts Suspended As Democrats Start Partisan Hearings On Jan. 6 Capitol Riot


Big Tech Twitter is at it again as it suspends the election audit accounts of various states while the Democrats start partisan hearings on the January 6 United States Capitol riot.READ MORE

driving behind a truck

Good Samaritans, Pastor Rescue Driver From Potential Accident On Atlanta Interstate


Modern day good Samaritans reportedly rescued a driver with a medical emergency from potential accidents on the Atlanta Interstate last Sunday.READ MORE

Biden CNN town hall

Catholic University Bashed For Hosting CNN Townhall Of ‘Devout Catholic’ But ‘Pro-Abortion President’ Joe Biden


A pro-life group reportedly bashed the Mount St. Joseph university for hosting the CNN Townhall whose main speaker is "Devout Catholic" but pro-abortion President Joe Biden last week.READ MORE


Christians In Sudan Finally Granted Permission to Build Church Building On Its Own Land


A Christian group in Omdurman, Sudan has been finally granted permission by the government to build a church on its own land.READ MORE

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