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Anton Carillo

Biden administration

Biden Pushing For Global Vaccination, Claims It Will Solve High Inflation


President Joe Biden is pushing for global vaccination, claiming that it will be the answer to the rising inflation plaguing the nation..READ MORE

mom rejoicing lifting her baby up

Woman Grateful For Not Aborting Pregnancy For Child With Down Syndrome Despite Opposition


A woman pro-life activist revealed how grateful she was for not aborting her pregnancy for a child with Down Syndrome despite the cultural opposition against it.READ MORE

COVID Vaccine

Senator Says COVID Vaccine Mandates Are ‘Pointless’ Following Thousands Of Deaths, Injuries After The Jabs


A senator from Wisconsin reportedly said that COVID-19 vaccination mandates are "pointless" following thousands of alleged deaths and injuries recorded after the jabs.READ MORE

youth reading his Bible outdoors

Christian Ministry Will Provide Thousands Of Bibles And Discipleship Materials To Immigrants In Texas


A Christian ministry based in Illinois announced that they will provide thousands of Bibles and discipleship materials to immigrants in Texas' Dallas Forth Worth area.READ MORE

Kids watching TV

Children’s Worldview More Impacted By Movies And Music Than School, George Barna Says


George Barna, Family Research Council Center for Biblical Worldview senior research fellow, highlighted how children and teenagers are constantly bombarded with messages through media, and emphasized the importance of intentional Biblical parenting.READ MORE

scientist working in a medical laboratory

Astra Zeneca Claims Drug Cocktail ‘Effective’ Against COVID, But Experts Frustrated Company Hasn't Released Complete Info Yet


Astra Zeneca reportedly claims their drug cocktail is "effective" against COVID-19 but experts are actually frustrated the company has not released its complete information on it yet.READ MORE

Anthony Fauci

Video Reveals Fauci Talking About ‘China’ Virus, Global Vaccines Weeks Before COVID Spreads


A video reportedly reveals White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci talking about the "China" virus and global vaccines weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic.READ MORE

Jan. 6 Capitol protesters inside the federal building

Federal Judge Accuses DC Police Of Authoritarianism, Intentionally Mistreating Jan. 6 Rioters


A United States district judge has accused the District of Columbia's police of authoritarianism and intentionally mistreating Trump supporters present during the Capitol riot on January 6.READ MORE

pregnant mom holding her baby inside her womb

Pro-Life Pregnancy Care Center Sues Connecticut For Deceptive Law Forcing It To Promote Abortion


A pro-life pregnancy center in Connecticut has filed a lawsuit against the state for an allegedly deceptive law that forces it to promote abortion.READ MORE

Tim Halfin

Texas Man Reveals God 'Inspired' And Helped Him Find Lost Boy Missing For Four Days

A man from Texas' Grimes County reportedly credits "divine intervention" for helping him find a missing 3-year-old boy.READ MORE

child getting vaccinated

Family Visits Walgreens To Receive Flu Shots— Gets Wrongly Injected With Full COVID Vaccine Doses Instead


A family from Indiana visited Walgreens to receive flu shot but reportedly got wrongly injected with a full COVID-19 vaccine doses instead.READ MORE

Dean Cain

Superman Actor Dean Cain Blasts DC Comics For Making Hero A Bisexual, Says It’s Not ‘Brave’


1990s "Superman" Actor Dean Cain blasted DC Comics for making the world-renowned hero a bisexual and said the action is not "brave" or "bold."READ MORE

voters voting in person inside voting center

Multiple Cases On 2020 Election Fraud Filed In Michigan


Multiple lawsuits have reportedly been filed in Michigan regarding the fraud that occurred during the 2020 Election.READ MORE

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo Explains Possible Global Catastrophe As A Result Of Biden’s Weakness


Former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained in an interview the possible devastation that would result from President Joe Biden's weaknesses as the head of the nation.READ MORE

Former President Donald J. Trump

Democrats Panicking As Trump Continues To Amass Crowds Of Americans


The Democratic Party is reportedly panicking as former President Donald Trump continues to amass crowds of Americans on his sideREAD MORE

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