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Bernadette Salapare

School Building

Christian Theology Lecturer Terminated Following Tweet About Homosexuality


Know the story about why Methodist-run Cliff College in England demanded the removal of a lecturer's tweet for violating its staff social media policy. READ MORE

LGBTQIA+ Community

Cornerstone Church Believes Leaving United Methodist Church Is a "Healthy Step"


Several churches left the United Methodist Church after it granted an exit plan for churches that wanted to depart over sexuality issues. One of these churches is the largest worshipping congregation of United Methodists in Michigan, Cornerstone Church. READ MORE


Portugal's Catholic Church Reiterates New Safeguarding Commitments Following Independent Commission


The Portuguese Catholic Church has restated its safeguarding obligations following an independent commission's findings, but some dioceses have observed anomalies in its conclusions.READ MORE


Indian Lake Baptist Church Successfully Finished 'Sharing God's Word and Apples' Mission in Culiacan, Mexico


Former and current pastor of Indian Lake Baptist Church successfully completed their ‘Sharing God's Word and Apples’ Mission along with other 2 church members and the CEO of SugarBee Apple, Church Nystrom. READ MORE


Britain Church Aid Organizations Express Disappointment to UK Government's Budget Prioritizing Military Spending Over Humanitarian Aid


The UK government will spend an additional £11 billion on the military when millions of people in East Africa face starvation. Thus, Christian aid organizations oppose the UK budget prioritizing military funding over humanitarian aid. READ MORE

Stage Play

Church Leaders in India Complained to Stage Play Depicting Convents as Slave-Like Centers


Church leaders in Kerala, a state in southern India, have expressed their displeasure with a stage play that "incorrectly portrays the convents as sites where nuns are coerced to labor as slaves and tormented."READ MORE


National Society Daughters of the American Revolution to Lay Commemorative Wreath at Old St. Andrew's Church


The Eliza Lucas Pinckney Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution will visit Old St. Andrew's Church to lay a commemorative DAR wreath and dedicate two historical markers.READ MORE


Residents to Return to St. John the Baptist Church After a Year of Safety Concerns


St. John the Baptist Church was able to reopen again after a storm-force winds caused stones to fracture the base of one of the tower's four pinnacles. The pinnacle's broken stone will be replaced in April to start the reconstruction of the church. READ MORE


Sacred Heart Church's Walls Marked with Demonic Graffiti, Communist, Anarchist Symbols


Sacred Heart Church's door and some walls were vandalized by people who hate the church. It was defaced from Sunday, Mar. 12, to Monday, Mar. 13, and was later confirmed by the Archdiocese of Bordeaux's head of communication, Constance Pluviaud. Thus, the parish filed a property damage complaint with the authorities.READ MORE

Church Gathering

More Than 400 Individuals Baptized at Adventist Church's ‘Christ for Thailand’ in South Asia-Pacific Region


The Adventist Church's 'Christ for Thailand' baptized hundreds of individuals nationwide. The event aims to bring more people to Christ and share the Gospel of love and hope.READ MORE

Vatican Flag

Following Ortega Proposed Suspending Diplomatic Relations, Vatican Closes Embassy in Nicaragua


The Vatican has closed its embassy in Nicaragua after the Nicaraguan government proposed suspending diplomatic relations, part of a long-running campaign against the Catholic Church. READ MORE

Food and Flowers

St. Rita Catholic Church Members Prepared Foods, Flowers For Feast of St. Joseph


The Feast of St. Joseph is celebrated every Mar. 15. The members of St. Rita Catholic Church prepare food and flowers for this feast, and since the celebration is held during Lent, meats are not allowed. READ MORE


Jewish Parents Take Legal Action Against California Department of Education For Equal Access to Special Education


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was prohibited by the California Department of Education in religiously affiliated schools such as Orthodox Jewish schools, Muslim schools, Catholic schools, and Protestant Christian schools. As a result, Jewish parents took legal action against them. READ MORE


Bishops in the United Kingdom Disagrees With New Law Criminalizing Prayer Outside Abortion Clinics


The criminalization of prayer outside the abortion clinic was approved by Britain's House of Commons. Every single violator will have to pay a fine. READ MORE

Same-sex Union

Bishops Plan Implementing Liturgical Blessings of Same-Sex Unions After German Synodal Way


Implementing the liturgical blessings of same-sex unions was planned following the German Synodal Way. This gathering is a process that will look for ways to bolster Christian testimony throughout the world.READ MORE

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