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Brian Yalung


Lost Hiker ‘Came Back From The Dead’ After Heart Stopped Beating: ‘God Is Great!’


Michael Knapinski got a second chance in life and plan to pay it forward by helping people in need. READ MORE

Peaceful protest being held in DC.

Suspects Attacking Trump Supporters In DC Rally Identified As Child Sex Offender, Student


One of the suspects arrested following the "Million MAGA March" last weekend included a child-sex offender who was recently released from prison. READ MORE

Help Violence Victims

Antifa, BLM Militants Attack Trump Supporters And Children At Rally In DC


Militants caused havoc at the Million MAGA March over weekend, injuring multiple people including children. READ MORE


UK Doctors Speak Out Against Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia


More than 50 doctors working in palliative medicine and care for dying patients in the UK signed a letter indicating their stand against any amendment or legislation meant to legalize assisted suicide.READ MORE


Gospel For Asia: Global Toilet Crisis More Deadly Than COVID-19


A Christian organization says more people will die of diseases related to unhealthy toilet practices than COVID-19.READ MORE

Protestors in Portland Beat Man Unconscious

Mainstream Media Refuse To Cover Violent Attacks Against Trump Supporters In MAGA Rally


Mainstream media has been hit for not properly covering the violence that occurred Saturday at The Million MAGA March. READ MORE

US President Donald Trump

Trump Attorney ‘Getting Ready To Overturn Election Results’ Using Hard Evidence


US President Donald Trump's camp claim they have sufficient evidence proving that the elections were rigged. READ MORE

New born babies are forced to face abortion. 'genocide'

Mass. Passes Amendment Removing Protections For Babies Who Survive Abortion


The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a new budget that will amend access to late-term abortion and remove the protections for babies who survive it. READ MORE

Uyghurs living in China are being deprived of their human rights by Chinese Firms in XUAR

CCP Using Eugenic Abortions To ‘Improve’ Population Quality, Report Reveals


China is using eugenic abortions to improve their population quality. READ MORE


13+ Nigerian Christians, Pastor Abducted In Recent Kidnapping Spree


Islamic terrorist continue to hold captive a pastor and Christian women with no ransom demands given. READ MORE


120+ Church Leaders Take Legal Action Against UK Gov’t For Banning Worship Services


Church leaders are resorting to legal means, making a stand against the UK's decision to ban worship services with the coronavirus situation worsening once more. READ MORE


Predominantly Christian Village In Bangladesh Attacked Over Land Dispute


A Christian village in northern Bangladesh was attacked due to a land dispute, leaving one person injured. READ MORE


Increased Secularization, Hostility Towards Religion Linked To Decreased Birth Rates: University Professor


The rise of secularization has lowered birth rates and raised concerns on hostility towards religion around the world. READ MORE

 African American Trump Supporter

Evidence Of Voter Fraud Seen ‘All Over The Place’: Project Veritas


There's evidence pointing to voter fraud, and it can come in various forms.READ MORE

Trump targets African-American's vote two months before the election

‘Million MAGA March’: Massive Crowd Gather In DC In Support Of President Trump


Supporters for US President Donald Trump showed their support recently with the "Million MAGA March." READ MORE

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