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IRS Denies Christian Coffee Shop Tax Exempt Status


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has denied tax-exempt status to a Christian non-profit coffee shop that intended to donate 100 percent of its profits to ministries and charitable organization and function as a missional space for evangelism to non-believers. READ MORE

Thanksgiving Dinner

Americans Are More Thankful For Family and Friends Than Money, LifeWay Study Finds


When asked what they are most thankful for, most Americans will say that they are most thankful for family, according to a new study from LifeWay Research. READ MORE

California School District Decides to Restrict Prayer and Bible Citations During Public Meetings


A school district board in California voted on November 3 to set restrictions on the practice of prayer and citation of Bible verses during public meetings. READ MORE


California Voters Legalize Recreational Marijuana


California became the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana on November 8 after rejecting a similar measure six years ago. READ MORE

Jury Selection Postponed In Death Penalty Case For Charleston Church Shooting


The jury selection process has been postponed in the federal trial of a South Carolina man who fatally shot nine black parishioners at a historically black church last year. READ MORE

Rowan County Prayer Case to be Reviewed by Appeals Court


A federal appeals court reopened a case on October 31st concerning the constitutionality of Christian prayers at county board meetings in Rowan County, North Carolina. READ MORE

Empty Classroom

Educational Achievement Varies by Religion, according to Pew survey


The proportion of people with a four-year college degree in the U.S. varies by religion, according to a recent Pew report. READ MORE

Millennials Agree More With Karl Marx Than Bible, According to a Recent Poll


A majority of millennials are more receptive to Karl Marx than they are to the Bible when it comes to what both have to say about work ethic, according to a new poll. READ MORE


Half of Americans Say Shared Religious Beliefs Not Important To Marital Success, According to Pew Research


Not all married Americans say that sharing religious beliefs is an important factor, placing more importance on other factors as key to having a successful marriage, according to Pew Research. READ MORE

Most Pastors Encourage Church Members to Invite Neighbors to Church on Halloween


Two-thirds of pastors encourage church members to invite neighbors to church-related event on Halloween, according to a recent survey. READ MORE

Trump Clinton

White Evangelicals More Accepting of Personal Immorality in Political Candidates, According to a Recent Survey


Most white evangelicals say that personal immorality does not hinder politicians from behaving ethically while in office, according to a recent survey. READ MORE


World Relief Partners with Churches Across the U.S. to Resettle Refugees


World Relief, a Christian humanitarian organization, resettled in the United States nearly twice the number of refugees than usual. READ MORE

Clinton Trump

Born-Again Christians View Candidates' Personal Qualities Differently, Says Barna Study


Born again Christians have a different view of the personal qualities of the presidential candidates, according to a recent Barna Group survey. READ MORE

Clinton Trump

Majority of American Evangelicals Are Not Voting For Trump, According to a Recent Survey


When it comes to voting for a presidential candidate, there are racial and political divisions among American evangelicals, according to a LifeWay survey. READ MORE

Church Pews

List of 100 Largest and Fastest Growing Churches Released by Outreach Magazine


Outreach magazine has published its yearly list of the fast growing and largest churches in the United States. READ MORE

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