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Christine Kim

Kim Davis

Deputy Clerk Questions Validity of Kim Davis' Altered Licenses


A deputy clerk for Kim Davis, the county clerk of Rowan County, has expressed concerned regarding the validity of the marriage licenses he has been issuing, according to his attorney. READ MORE

Planned Parenthood

House Passes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood


A bill that would strip Planned Parenthood of federal funds was passed in the House of Representatives on Friday. The 241-187 vote was divided mostly along party lines. READ MORE

Pakistan prayer vigil persecuted Christians

'Every Five Minutes a Christian is Martyred for Their Faith'-- Persecution Watchdog Group Urges Christians to Pray


A Christian is martyred for their faith every five minutes somewhere in the world, according to a Christian persecution watchdog group. READ MORE

Chaplain Wesley Modder

U.S. Navy Exonerates Chaplain Who Was Discharged for Sharing Biblical Beliefs on Homosexuality


A 19-year military veteran and highly decorated chaplain to the Navy SEALS has been exonerated by the Navy after receiving threats of discharge from a commander for expressing his Christian view on marriage and homosexuality as a sin during private counseling sessions with sailors. READ MORE

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Passed by California Assembly; Goes to Senate


The California Assembly, on a 43-34 vote, passed a bill on Wednesday that would legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. READ MORE

Students at Missouri High School Stage Protest in Opposition Transgender Students' Request to Use Girls' Facilities


More than 100 students staged a protest at a Missouri high school in response to a transgender student’s request to use girls’ locker room and bathroom. READ MORE

Amid Migrant Crisis, France and Britain Pledge to Accept More Migrants


France and Britain announced their efforts to take in more migrants on Monday amid the surge of migrants coming to Europe seeking asylum. READ MORE

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear

Two Kentucky Clerks Stand in Solidarity With Kim Davis

Kim Davis-- county clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky-- who has been given jail time for her refusal to issue marriage licenses is not alone in her opposition. READ MORE

Anti-abortion pro-life rally March for Life

Non Religious Pro-Life Organization Exempt From Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate


Employers who are objected to covering contraceptives in their insurance plans based on moral grounds, rather than religious grounds, are equally protected under the law to be exempt from the contraceptive mandate under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). READ MORE

Kentucky Clerk Appeals to Supreme Court for Help in Same-Sex Marriage Case


Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses due to religious conviction after the Supreme Court ruling in June that legalized same-sex marriage across the country is asking the Supreme Court to grant her permission to continue denying same-sex marriage licenses. READ MORE

Reality Television Show "Sister Wives" Stars Cite Gay Marriage Ruling to Justify Polygamy


Stars of a reality television show is using the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage across the nation to justify their right to exercise polygamy. READ MORE

Bobby Jindal

Planned Parenthood Unit Sues Louisiana Over State's Defunding Effort


Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Inc., has filed a lawsuit against Louisiana for the state’s defunding of the healthcare provider in light of the release of recent videos of Planned Parenthood officials speaking of selling aborted fetal tissue. READ MORE

130 Organizations Petition for the End of Hiring Discrimination by Faith-Based Groups


A group of 130 organizations sent a letter to President Obama asking for a review of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), worried that a 2007 Justice Department memo allows for federally funded religious organizations to discriminate in the hiring process. READ MORE

Auburn University

Atheist Group Demands Removal of Alabama University Football Chaplain


An atheist group is demanding an Alabama university to “abolish the chaplaincy” within its athletic department, deeming the presence of a chaplain at a public university unconstitutional. READ MORE

Survivor of the Ebola Virus

Zero New Ebola Cases Reported in Sierra Leone For the First Time Since Initial Outbreak


For the first time since the outbreak in May 2014, one full week has passed with no new cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Wednesday.READ MORE

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