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Christine Kim

US Supreme Court

Virginia School Board Asks Supreme Court to Review Transgender Bathroom Case


A Virginia school board asked the Supreme Court in late August to hear its case and address how much authority federal officials hold in dictating regulation concerning gender and bathrooms in public schools. READ MORE

Pakistani Taliban Attacks Christian Neighborhood and Courthouse, Leaving 13 Dead


Two militant attacks took place in Northwestern Pakistan on Friday that targeted a Christian neighborhood and a district court, leaving at least 13 people killed and 54 wounded. READ MORE

What Americans Look For and How They Find a Church Depends Partly on Age, According to Pew Study


The study found that there was an age difference associated with the different means of finding a new church. Nearly two-thirds of adults under 30 say they have looked online for information about the congregation, compared to one-in-eight adults ages 65 and older who report having done so.READ MORE

Chinese Christian Detainees Released Before G20 Summit After Four-Month Imprisonment


Five Chinese Christian detainees in Zhejiang province were released on August 28 after four months in prison. READ MORE

Charles Choe

Interview with Charles Choe: 'We Want to Be a Church that Reflects the City'


“We want to be a church that represents the city, a church that reflects the diversity of the city,” says Pastor Charles Choe of Tapestry LA. Tapestry LA is a church of about 400 members located in Los Angeles, CA that was started in July 2014.READ MORE

Koreatown Community Center

Koreatown Redevelopment Plan Including Community Center Approved by L.A. County Board of Supervisors


Los Angeles County supervisors unanimously voted in approval of a plan to redevelop county-owned buildings in Koreatown to include a community center. READ MORE

Koreatown Community Center

Community Organizers Advocate for Community Center in Koreatown


A number of Los Angeles-based non-profit organizations along with members of the community gathered on Tuesday, August 2 to advocate for a community center to be included in the layout of a commercial building in Koreatown. READ MORE

DACA New America Media

Immigration Reform Advocates and Government Officials Encourage Asian Community to Seek Relief in DACA


On Thursday, July 28, advocates of immigration reform and White House officials gathered to discuss the significance of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) for the Asian American Pacific Islander community and to hear personal testimonies from individual DACA recipients. READ MORE

Jerry Brown

LGBT History to Be Taught in California Public Schools


The California State Board of Education unanimously approved the implementation of a law that will require the state’s public schools to include LGBT history in their curriculums for social science and history classes. READ MORE

Church Attack in France Kills Elderly Priest; ISIS Claims Responsibility


Two knifemen entered a church in a suburb of Rouen in Northern France, killing an 86 year old priest and taking 4 others hostage during morning Mass on Tuesday. READ MORE

Fewer Americans Think Churches Play Significant Role in Solving Social Issues


Fewer Americans believe that churches and other houses of worship have a significant role in addressing social problems, findings from new research by Pew Research Center suggest. READ MORE

Police Brutality

Evangelicals Less Likely to Acknowledge Police Brutality Among Minorities, Barna Group Study Finds


Evangelical Christians are less likely than most Americans to say that people of color and other minority groups are treated unfairly by police, according to recent findings by The Barna Group. READ MORE

Gender neutral bathroom

Evangelicals More Likely to Have Moral Objections Regarding Changing Gender, LifeWay Study Finds


Most Americans don’t believe it is morally wrong for an individual to identify with a gender different from the sex they were assigned at birth or to change the gender they were born with through either surgery or taking hormones. READ MORE

Anglican Church in Canada Reverses Resolution to Reject Same-Sex Marriage


One day after the Anglican Church of Canada rejected a proposal to authorize same-sex marriage, the church reversed its decision after discovering a miscount during the voting process. READ MORE

Anglican Church of Canada

Anglican Church in Canada Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Resolution in General Synod


The delegates of the Anglican Church of Canada voted against a measure on Monday at the church’s triennial General Synod that would have authorized same-sex marriage. READ MORE

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