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Christine Kim


Evangelical Christians Least Engaged in 2016 Presidential Campaign, Barna Group Research Finds


Evangelicals are least likely to closely follow the 2016 campaign, according to a national survey. READ MORE

Southern Baptist Convention President Nominees for Election at Annual Convention Announced


The president of the Southern Baptist Convention leads the denomination and is elected at the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting. This year’s nominees include J.D. Greear, Steve Gaines, and David Crosby. READ MORE

Korean American Detainee Confesses to Spying on North Korea


An American detained in North Korea has confessed to conducting espionage against the North Korean government on Friday. READ MORE

Little Sisters of the Poor

Supreme Court Hears Birth Control Case


On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments from a Catholic charity and various other religious organizations that have objections to the contraception mandate under the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act. READ MORE

Cruz and Rubio Take Shots at Trump at 10th GOP Debate


The five remaining GOP presidential candidates gathered for the 10th GOP debate at the University of Houston in Texas on Thursday night. READ MORE

Georgia State Capitol

Georgia Senate Passes Amended Religious Freedom Bill


The Georgia State Senate passed an amended version of a religious freedom bill on Friday. READ MORE

Assyrian Christian children

Islamic State releases 43 Assyrian Christians


Islamic State freed on Monday 43 Assyrian Christians abducted in northern Syria a year ago. READ MORE

US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Top Presidential Pick Among Evangelical Leaders, Survey Finds


Florida Senator Marco Rubio remains the top pick among evangelical leaders for the 2016 presidential campaign for the eighth month in a row, according to a survey by WORLD Magazine. READ MORE

Boko Haram Militants

Rape Victims of Boko Haram Face Rejection By Communities, New Report Finds


Women and girls who have been released into their communities after having been captured by Boko Haram face rejection and ostracization, a new report by UNICEF and International Alert finds. READ MORE

Syrian crisis

Syrian Medical Centers and Schools Hit by Missiles, Killing at Least 22


At least 22 have been killed in airstrikes against two hospitals in Syria. A hospital in Maarat al-Numan in Syria’s Idlib province, supported by medical charity Doctors without Borders, was struck four times.READ MORE

Stormont Castle in Northern Ireland

Northern Irish Assembly Votes Against Relaxation of Abortion Law


Abortion will remain illegal in Northern Ireland after members of the Northern Irish Assembly voted against a proposal that would legalize abortion in cases of fatal fetal abnormality and sex crimes. READ MORE

U.S. Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Toughen Sanctions Against North Korea


The Senate unanimously passed legislation on Wednesday aimed at imposing tougher sanctions on North Korea for violating international law in pursuing nuclear weapons. READ MORE

Gender Neutral Bathroom

Petition to Repeal Washington's Transgender Bathroom Mandate Signed by Over 10,000


A petition calling on Washington to reverse a recently passed statewide legislation that makes it illegal to prohibit transgender individuals from utilizing bathrooms and other public gender-specific facilities has garnered over 10,000 signatures. READ MORE

Souper Bowl of Caring

Thousands Rally For 'Souper Bowl of Caring' to Feed the Hungry


A nationwide charity event is to take place on Sunday that will mobilize churches, organizations, and individual volunteers to fight hunger, dovetailing with the day of Super Bowl Sunday. READ MORE

Unitarian Church In UK Passes Vote to Offer Transgender Baptisms


The New Chapel Unitarian and Free Christian Church has agreed to offer baptisms to transgender members, making it the first church in the United Kingdom to do so. READ MORE

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