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Christine Kim

Texas Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Cheerleaders on 'Bible Banners'


The Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of a high school cheerleading squad on Friday who are seeking to continue with their lawsuit for the right to display banners with religious content at football games. READ MORE

Zika Virus

WHO Declares Birth Effects Linked to Zika a Global Health Emergency


The World Health Organization declared the Zika virus to be an international health concern on Monday because of its suspected links to cases of birth defects. READ MORE

Voting booths

Majority of Americans Prefer Presidential Candidates Who Believe in God, According to Pew Research Study


A new survey conducted by the Pew Research Center finds that being an atheist is a disadvantage for presidential candidates and that American adults are less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who doesn’t express any belief in God. READ MORE

SUpreme Court

Supreme Court to Hear Landmark Church-State Separation Case


The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case on Friday to determine whether states can provide grant money to religious institutions as they do to secular organizations. READ MORE

American Student Detained in North Korea


An American student from the University of Virginia has been detained in North Korea on Jan 2 for committing a “hostile act against the state.” READ MORE

Michael Newdow

Atheist Challenges 'In God We Trust" as Unconstitutional, Demands Removal


An atheist from California has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to remove the phrase “In God We Trust” on American currency, claiming it is unconstitutional. READ MORE

U.S. Citizen Kim Dong Chul Detained by North Korean Government


A man claiming to be a U.S. citizen has been detained by the North Korean government on espionage charges, CNN reported Monday. READ MORE

Episcopal Church

U.S. Episcopal Church Faces Sanction Over Stance on Gay Marriage


The archbishops of the Anglican Communion have decided to take action against the Episcopal Church, the U.S. branch of the Communion, by imposing sanctions for three years for its condonation of same-sex marriage. READ MORE

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Besieged and Starving Syrian Town Met With Aid After Seven Months


The United Nations and other agencies sent humanitarian-aid convoys on Monday to a Syrian town that has been under siege for seven months by the Assad regime. READ MORE

President Obama Signing the Affordable Care Act

Obama Vetoes Bill to Repeal Health-Care Law and Defund Planned Parenthood


President Obama vetoed the Republican-backed legislation on Friday that would repeal the Affordable Care Act and defund the country’s largest abortion provider. READ MORE

Map showing area of ISIS authority

25 Assyrian Christian Hostages Released by ISIS


Over two-dozen Assyrian Christians held hostage by Islamic State have been released on Wednesday, according to an Assyrian advocacy group. READ MORE

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Divided Over Race-Based College Admissions


The Supreme Court confronted the issue of whether to get rid of race-based admissions at the University of Texas at Austin for the second time on Wednesday. READ MORE

Bodnariu family

Children Seized from Christian Family by Government for 'Christian Indoctrination'


Child welfare services in Norway have seized five children from a Christian couple on charges including “Christian radicalization and indoctrination,” according to a British-based religious rights advocate group. READ MORE

San Bernardino Shooting Leaves 14 Dead and 21 Injured


A heavily armed man and woman shot and killed 14 people and wounded at least 21 on Wednesday at a social services center. READ MORE

World Leaders Gather in Paris to Negotiate Climate Change Deal


Leaders from 150 nations gathered in Paris on Monday to come to a global agreement on a plan to take action against global warming. READ MORE

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