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Christine Kim

Boko Haram Militants

Cameroon Troops Free 900 Boko Haram Hostages


Cameroonian soldiers freed 900 held hostage by Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram in an operation last week, Cameroon’s defense minister announced. READ MORE

Arkansas Judge Orders Names of Both Same-Sex Parents Be Recorded on Birth Certificates


The state of Arkansas must record both names of partners in a same-sex relationship on their children’s birth certificates, a judge ruled on Monday. READ MORE

Chi Alpa Logo

Christian Student Organization to be Recognized at California State University After Year-Long Dispute


A Christian student organization has been reinstated to the California State University system after being banned as an official student group in 2014. READ MORE

Kim Davis

Kentucky Governor Recognizes Altered Marriage Licenses as Valid


Kentucky governor says that Rowan County clerk Kim Davis’ altered marriage licenses will still be recognized as valid. READ MORE

Islamist militants in Mali

At Least 19 Dead After Terrorist Attack on Mali Hotel


At least 19 people were killed during an attack on a hotel in Mali by Islamist extremists on Friday. READ MORE

Boko Haram

32 Dead in Suspected Boko Haram Suicide Attack


More than 30 were killed in a suicide attack in Nigeria on Tuesday. READ MORE

South Korean Protest 2008

Tens of Thousands of South Koreans Rally in Anti-Government Protest


Tens of thousands went to the streets of Seoul on Saturday to protest against conservative South Korean president Park Geun-hye’s labor and education policies in one of the largest anti-government demonstrations since 2008. READ MORE

Chinese Police Detain Taiwanese Pastor


A Taiwanese pastor was detained by police after visiting an unsanctioned Christian church gathering in central China, according to the pastor of the Chinese church. READ MORE

National Association of Evangelicals letter

Affordable Care Act Nondiscrimination Proposal Elicits Concern From Religious Groups


A proposed Office of Civil rights regulation on nondiscrimination in health care elicited concern from religious groups regarding the effect the proposal will have on religious liberty. READ MORE

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu

Obama and Netanyahu Meet for the First Time Since Nuclear Deal


U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met at the White House on Monday for the first time in 13 months. READ MORE


Supreme Court to Settle Contraceptive Mandate Dispute


The Supreme Court has agreed on Friday to rule on a challenge to the Affordable Care Act from religious non-profits to settle whether religious non-profit institutions-- such as universities, hospitals, and charities-- should be exempt from the contraception mandate. READ MORE

U.S. Public Becoming Both More and Less Religious, New Study Finds


The percentage of U.S. adults who believe in God has declined since 2007 from 92 percent to 89 percent, according to a new study. READ MORE

Texas High School Principal to No Longer Lead Prayer Event After Complaints From Anti-Religion Group


The principal of a public high school in Texas has agreed to dissociate himself from the “See You at the Pole” school prayer event after complaints from an anti-religion organization. READ MORE

Appellate Court Rules In Favor of Street Preachers In Free Speech Trial Against Police


A federal appeals court ruled that the police officers in Dearborn, Michigan violated the First Amendment rights of a Christian group by forcing them to leave an Arab-American festival in 2012 when a crowd began throwing objects at them. READ MORE

Texas Junior High Student Says Teacher Taught 'God Is Not Real'


A seventh grade student in Texas reports that her teacher asked students to deny the existence of God during a class assignment. READ MORE

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