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Ed Kim

Pastor Jack Trieber preaching to his congregation

North Valley Baptist Church fined over $50,000 for in-person service


The issues between California churches and social distancing guidelines are continuously developing as Jack Trieber, Pastor of North Valley Baptist Church, disclosed Tuesday that Santa Clara County has taken action against his church. The actions consisted of fines against the congregation for $5,000 for each in-person service. For North Valley Baptist Church, they hold two services on Sunday as well as a night service on Wednesday. Trieber reported that these fines added up to a staggering amount of $52,750. The Pastor stated his intentions of fighting the charges claiming that the Government must stop interfering with religious matters. Trieber went on to label the actions taken by the county as harassment and said, "If we don't stop it here ... it's going to sweep all over the United States of America. Government cannot take away our freedom. You cannot take our right to assemble."READ MORE

LGBT community protesting

Polish bishops issue document to address LGBT


In response to the recent LGBT related protests in Warsaw Poland, Polish bishops addressed the following matter by calling upon members of the Catholic faith to show their respect for the cultural movement. In addition, the members of the clergy also stated that Catholics should resist the social movement as it is considered a conflicting belief to church teachings. The church also released a document on August 28th stating, "The church is not afraid to proclaim the duty of respect for everyone's personal dignity, including those linked to LGBT+. For the same reasons, however, it must also show reserve and, in some cases, clear opposition to gender ideology and forms of activism by LGBT movements which negate the truth about humanity, as well as to their social projects and declared aims,"READ MORE

Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church

LA County seeks to evict parking land used by Grace Community Church


The lawsuits regarding the COVID-19 policies between Los Angeles County and Pastor John MacArthur's Grace Community Church are still underway. As of August 28th, the county has issued a letter stating that land used as a parking lot by Grace Community Church since 1975 will be evicted as of October 1st.READ MORE

Pastor Tim Keller, survivor of cancer, retired pastor for Redeemed Presbyterian Church, co-founder of The Gospel Coalition

Pastor Tim Keller provides updates on his fight with cancer


Pastor Tim Keller has stated that there is progress on this ongoing fight with cancer. In doing so, he also expressed his dependence on God during this time.READ MORE

Pastor John Piper, founder of desiringGod.org

Pastor John Piper's advice on how to recover from a tragedy


Pastor John Piper starts his conversation on recovering from suffering with an introduction of a broken woman's story. She asked for guidance saying, "Pastor John, I need your help. Tragically, back in 2007, I backed over and killed my 18-month-old grandson with a car. I was devastated. I remain devastated. That day changed me. I was once a children's church director and a Sunday school teacher. I don't serve anymore. Thirteen years later, I can hardly drive without crying. The guilt I feel for my grandson is greater than the guilt I feel for not serving God. People say I should be happy; he's in a better place. Or they say that God spared him a bad life - that he knew my grandson was going to go down a bad road. What do you say? What would make me happy again, serving God again, and at peace without my grandson? After all these years, can you help me?". To address the woman's heartbreaking distress, Piper references three conversations from the bible.READ MORE

New generation of Christians experience difficulties with their faith

New trends involving next generation and their faith


As of late, the world has been experiencing many unusual events compared to the past such as the recent pandemic, the movement for racial equality, and the tumultuous political atmosphere. Furthermore, comparative to these recent changes, many individuals see a change in the outlook for the younger generation. These new challenges are being expressed by pastors who state their difficulties in communicating with their new generation ministries. This article will tackle issues and explore the methods to connect and discipline the new generation.READ MORE

Pastor John MacArthur makes a case for indoor service to remain open

Pastor John MacArthur condemns officials for misuse of power over LA county's 4th attempt to seek restraining order


Once again, the court of California has denied Los Angeles County's application for a temporary restraining order against Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church from holding their weekly indoor sermons throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic regulations set by Governor Gavin Newsom.READ MORE

QAnon, a far right group claiming a global sex trafficking ring is at war against Donald Trump

Evangelical leaders voice their opinions of controversial group QAnon


Recently, a movement known as QAnon has been gaining traction within the conservative circle. Many Christian leaders including prominent conservative evangelicals have denounced the movement.READ MORE

Pastor John MacArthur giving a sermon to his congregation

Pastor John MacArthur's argues against church closure under Gov. Newsom's COVID-19 mandate


The ongoing battle between Grace Community Church and Los Angeles County officials is still ongoing as Pastor John MacArthur states that he and his congregation has a moral and religious obligation to allow their attendants to gather and worship the Lord.READ MORE

Vice President Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence's conflicting relationship with his faith


Our current Vice President Mike Pence seems to be a figure who is popular with conservative evangelical Christians. Likewise, he once described himself as, "a Christian, a conservative and Republican, in that order." This recurring image within the media has made him a popular figurehead for the Christian community. This image of Pence however, is not without controversy even amongst the evangelical population.READ MORE

Sex Trafficking Victim

Members of Ohio clergy seek to label pornography as a public health crisis


Recently in Ohio, members of the clergy brought up the topic of pornography being a public health crisis to county officials. They regarded the pornography industry as an enabler to issues such as human trafficking within the community. Due to the significance of the matter, the members of the clergy hoped to see action taken against the industry at a state level.READ MORE

Dalia, a survivor of religious persecution

An Iraqi Survivor's Unyielding Belief in God Prevails Against Religious Persecution


Open Doors UK & Ireland, an anti-persecution charity is honoring Dalia, a resident of the Nineveh Plains in Iraq, who faced the adversity of persecution in her homeland. On a night in August 2014, Dalia and her family were forced to flee from their home after the Jihadist group ISIS, otherwise known as the Islamic state, moved in to occupy the area. These actions by ISIS resulted in the relocation of many Christians, including Dalia and her family from their homes.READ MORE

Grace Community Church

LA County Court Allows Grace Community Church to Worship Indoors


On Thursday, the LA County Superior Court stated that there would be no court order that prevents Grace Community Church from holding their weekly indoor worship during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.READ MORE

Debt forces Elderly Couple to Convert to Islam

Debt forces Elderly Couple to Convert to Islam


In August 2020, the International Christian Concern, an interdenominational human rights organization, reported that an elderly couple situated in Pakistan was pressured into converting to Islam as a means to settle a financial debt caused by the recent economic impact of COVID-19.READ MORE

Homeschooling on the rise amid COVID-19 education policies

Homeschooling on the rise amid COVID-19 education policies


As a result of the ongoing effects caused by COVID-19, parents throughout the U.S. are looking into the possibilities of having to homeschool their children for the first time as regulations and uncertainties hinder the current public education system. Amid this crisis, Christian Organizations have taken the lead to prepare for the growing demand. Home School Legal Defense Association, a Christian group with the purpose of training parents to meet the requirements for homeschooling has grown at a rate of 300 percent compared to its pre-COVID-19 growth rate. READ MORE


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