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Jerard Salacsacan

Bible church pews

African American Church Listed In National Register Of Historic Places.


An African American church in Idaho has been added to the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service.READ MORE

Actor Jon Voight speaking with Tucker Carlson

New Biblical Film Series Featuring Jon Voight In the Works


Hollywood actor Jon Voight has announced his new Biblical film series "The Land of Israel: God's story."READ MORE

breathe easy pray

Former Atheist Hits Rock Bottom, Finds Jesus, And Embraces The Faith She Hated


Adrienne Johnson, once an atheist, tells her story about her struggles until she discovered Jesus Christ and experienced the life-changing effect of having a personal relationship with Him.READ MORE

burning structure building house church shed hall barn room

Nigerian Evangelist Tied Up To Be Burned Over Leaving Islam For Christ


After a Christian evangelist came home from a funeral service in eastern Uganda on Feb. 6, his Muslim relatives beat and tied him up to be burnt to death.READ MORE

Chinese police on a street in China

Chinese Christian Recounts ‘Evil’ Persecution From Communist Government


A Chinese Christian recounts how the communist government persecuted those who put their faith in Christ.READ MORE

Luis Palau

245,000 Surrender To Christ After Watching Luis Palau Film 'Light Your World'


245,000 people surrendered their lives to Christ after watching "Light Your World," a film by the Luis Palau Association.READ MORE

hands raised in worship in church

Passion To Release New 15-Track Live Album ‘Burn Bright’ On Feb.


On February 18, Passion will release their full-length 15-track live album "Burn Bright." This is the first time the meeting has been held in person after being held virtually last year due to the global pandemic.READ MORE

hands raised in worship in church

Study Finds Those Who Go To Church Weekly More Likely To Be 'Very Satisfied' In Life


Weekly churchgoers are much more likely than non-churchgoers to claim they are "very content" with their personal lives, a recent study reveals.READ MORE

Rich and Shay Walters

Former Drug Dealers Saved By Christ From Addictions Now Working To Rescue Others As Well


Two former drug addicts talked about how God liberated them from their addictions and how they are now helping others to receive the same freedom.READ MORE

John Cooper

Christian Singer Urges Believers To 'Declare War' On The Deconstruction Movement


Christians should "declare war" on the deconstruction movement and teach the "fundamental ideas" of the faith to the younger generation, a popular Christian singer urged.READ MORE

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  • North Korea: U.S. Missionaries Responsible for Human Trafficking

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