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Jessica Lim


Angelenos March in Solidarity with Charlottesville


Protesters gathered in downtown Los Angeles for a peaceful march on August 13, in response to the white nationalist rally and the counter-protests that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. Bloody brawls broke out on the streets and resulted in national controversy. READ MORE


Trump Administration Cuts Down Funding for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs


Federal funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs around the country was stripped last month by the Trump Administration. A five year-grant that was awarded to 81 organizations in the country has now been cut to three years. READ MORE

Cal State Fullerton

Cal State to Take Out Placement Exams and Remedial Courses


The Chancellor of California State University System, Timothy P. White, issued an executive order on August 2 that seeks to revamp the university system’s matriculation system. The executive order states that the CSUs will no longer require remedial classes that were mandatory for students who were not fully prepared for college level classes. READ MORE

Amman, Jordan

Jordan's Lawmakers Vote to Repeal Law Compelling Victims to 'Marry the Rapist'


Jordanian lawmakers in the lower house of Parliament voted on Tuesday, August 1, to repeal Article 308 of the Penal Code, no longer allowing sexual assault perpetrators to evade punishment for their actions by marrying their victims. READ MORE

California Community Colleges

California's Community Colleges Aim to Reach Higher in Student Achievement with New Goals


The Chancellor of the California Community Colleges (CCCs) and its board members voted on July 17 to approve the new set of goals and commitments for the next five years.READ MORE

Derrick Watson

Federal Judge Rules Grandparents Should Be Included in Trump's Travel Ban Exemption


U.S. District Judge Derrick K.Watson ruled Thursday that grandparents and other relatives should also be allowed exemption status, in regards to the motion filed by the state of Hawaii in federal court to challenge the Trump administration’s definition of “bona fide” relationship and to enlarge the scope of those that can be exempt from the 90-day suspension.READ MORE

Hope College Michigan

Christian College Receives Over $450,000 Grant to Focus on Reconnecting Youth to Church


Hope College, located in Holland, Michigan, received a $458,502 grant on June 29 to address the decline of church attendance and religious affiliation among youth.READ MORE

Oregon State Capitol

Oregon Legislature Passes Bill Expanding Access to Abortion and Reproductive Health Services


A bill in Oregon State that requires private insurance to cover the cost of abortion procedures was passed by the Oregon Senate on July 5. House Bill 3391, also named the Reproductive Health Equity Act, now awaits signature by Governor Kate Brown.READ MORE

Immigration protest on travel ban

What Actions Can the Immigrant Community Take to Respond to Enforcement? Advocates Weigh In


For those in the immigrant community, the numerous reports of raids by enforcement officials may give rise to a greater sense of fear. But immigrant rights advocates say there are still actions that individuals can take in response to, and in preparation for, such encounters.READ MORE

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