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John Adams

China Demanded WHO to Delay Declaring COVID-19 Outbreak a Global Pandemic

WHO Skips Two Greek Letters, Avoids Naming COVID Variant 'Xi' To Avoid ‘Stigmatization’


The World Health Organization deliberately skipped the letters “Nu” and “Xi” from the Greek alphabet even though it would’ve been logical to use them. READ MORE

Leftists breaking through Capitol Hill

Who’s Really Behind The Attack On The Capitol On Jan. 6?


If President Trump and his supporters aren't to blame for the riots at the Capitol on January 6, then who should be blamed for the chaos that led to the closure of the federal building? READ MORE

YouVersion Bible app on a smartphone

Taliban Now Killing Those Who Have Bibles In Their Phones, Reports Say


The Taliban are now reportedly killing those who they find having Bible apps in their mobile devices, a Christian nonprofit with sources on the ground in Afghanistan has revealed.READ MORE

old cross

‘Decimation’: Afghanistan’s Underground Church Issues Call For Prayer Amid Ongoing Persecution


Christians in Afghanistan have released a first-hand ground report detailing the events that are currently happening in the country now that the Taliban have once again taken over the land.READ MORE

Former President Donald J. Trump

Former President Trump Shut Down Personal Blog As ‘Precursor’ To Something ‘Broader’


Former President Donald J. Trump only recently launched a blog meant to give his fans and supporters a way to hear from him, but has shut it down very recently. What's going to happen now, especially after Facebook's decision to ban him for two years?READ MORE

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Report Reveals China’s Control Over Western Think Tanks, Media And More


A report reveals that China's communist government has wider influence than commonly known - and provides more details regarding the increase in pro-CCP propaganda, and also adds more weight to Trump's allegations of voter fraud, among other issues.READ MORE


Suspected Islamists Kill 16, Burn Down Church In Attack On Eastern DRC Village


A group of suspected Islamists killed 16 people and burned down a Catholic church during an attack on a village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Sunday.READ MORE

China forbidden city

China Gloats As President Trump Steps Down From White House


While the world watches President Donald Trump, the best President the U.S. had in many years, give farewell messages to Americans, and watch Joe Biden being sworn-in after a long election period marred with tons of evidence of voter fraud, another nation proudly gloats at the events that unfolded: China.READ MORE

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