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John Villar

Top Biblical Verses About End of Days and How You Should Prepare for It

About Half of American Christians Believe That ‘End Times’ Are Happening

About half of Christian Americans believe that the world is in the'End Times'READ MORE

Joel Osteen

Interesting Facts About Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church


A list of facts about Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen.READ MORE

Hillsong Church Founder Brian Houston Has ‘No Intention Of Retiring’ But Makes Apology

Hillsong Church Denies Cover Up Allegations for Frank Houston


Hillsong church management denies cover-up for the sexual abuse case against the late Frank Houston.READ MORE

UMC conference

Earlier Split of Methodist Church in Parallel with The Current Situation of the UMC


Politico examines the parallels between the current divide that the UMC is facing with the one that the methodist church faced back in the 19th centuryREAD MORE

Houston Baptist University Hosting ‘Ground Zero 360 Remembrance’ Exhibition Honoring 9/11 Victims, Others

New St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Opened at World Trade Center


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Returns with a New Church designed by Santiago Calatrava READ MORE

Pope Francis Appeals for Peace During Kazakhstan Visit

Pope Francis Addresses Movement of Christian Workers, Recognizing Decades of Service


Pope Francis met with the Movement of Christian Workers, giving a message of reflection and purpose for its continuing cause.READ MORE

Iraq Christians

Middle East Christians Leave the Region Amidst Christian Persecution


Middle East Christians are facing heavy persecution with many Christians leaving the country for their safety.READ MORE

Apple Updates iPhone To Feature Woke Gender Neutral Emojis Including Pregnant Man

Controversial Pastor Matt Chandler Reaccepted by The Village Church After Leave of Absence


Pastor Matt Chandler returns to The Village Church after his leave of absence caused by an online relationshipREAD MORE


With Easing of COVID-19 Measures, Italy Catholic Church Reintroduces Handshakes as ‘Sign of Peace’


The Italian Catholic Church reintroduced handshakes as a gesture for the 'sign of peace' as COVID-19 restrictions ease in the country.READ MORE

dining table and chairs inside a restaurant

Richmond Restaurant Denies Pre-Reserved Family Foundation of Virginia Event


Metzger Bar & Butchery in Richmond denied service to the Family Foundation on the day of their reserved event.READ MORE

church building with cross on top

Top Five Houston Megachurches Ranked By Attendance


Houston is an area with plenty of mega-churches and these are the top five ranked bottom to top when it comes to attendance.READ MORE

120 Days of Ukraine-Russia War: Ukrainian Pastor Helps Rescue Trapped Civilians in Orikhiv

President Vladimir Zelensky Issues Crackdown of Ukrainian Orthodox Church for ‘Spiritual Independence’


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky calls for crackdown on Ukrainian Orthodox Church as part of measures against Russian controlREAD MORE

Federal Judge Rules HIV Prevention Drugs Coverage in Affordable Care Act Violates Christians’ Religious Freedom

African Jesuit AIDS Network Call For African Catholic Church to Focus on African Teens with HIV/AIDS


African Jesuit AIDS Network implores the African Catholic Church to give focus on young people living with HIV.READ MORE

church building with cross on top

U.S. Catholic Church Face Struggles With Declining Church Membership and Participation


U.S. Catholic Churches take action to invite parishioners to return to churches as number of churchgoers decline during and after the pandemicREAD MORE

Crime scene

Double Homicide Causes Concern Within Louisiana Church Community


St. Peter Catholic Church and the Covington, Louisiana were shocked by the double homicide of allegedly a former priest and a church employee.READ MORE

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