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dining table and chairs inside a restaurant

Richmond Restaurant Denies Pre-Reserved Family Foundation of Virginia Event


Metzger Bar & Butchery in Richmond denied service to the Family Foundation on the day of their reserved event.READ MORE

church building with cross on top

Top Five Houston Megachurches Ranked By Attendance


Houston is an area with plenty of mega-churches and these are the top five ranked bottom to top when it comes to attendance.READ MORE

120 Days of Ukraine-Russia War: Ukrainian Pastor Helps Rescue Trapped Civilians in Orikhiv

President Vladimir Zelensky Issues Crackdown of Ukrainian Orthodox Church for ‘Spiritual Independence’


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky calls for crackdown on Ukrainian Orthodox Church as part of measures against Russian controlREAD MORE

Federal Judge Rules HIV Prevention Drugs Coverage in Affordable Care Act Violates Christians’ Religious Freedom

African Jesuit AIDS Network Call For African Catholic Church to Focus on African Teens with HIV/AIDS


African Jesuit AIDS Network implores the African Catholic Church to give focus on young people living with HIV.READ MORE

church building with cross on top

U.S. Catholic Church Face Struggles With Declining Church Membership and Participation


U.S. Catholic Churches take action to invite parishioners to return to churches as number of churchgoers decline during and after the pandemicREAD MORE

Crime scene

Double Homicide Causes Concern Within Louisiana Church Community


St. Peter Catholic Church and the Covington, Louisiana were shocked by the double homicide of allegedly a former priest and a church employee.READ MORE

Church of England

Christians Become a Minority in England, Raises Questions for Disestablishment of Church of England

Christians in England and Wales are down to less than half the population and questions about the position of the church in society arise.READ MORE

Sunday School

Welcome Children to Church the Right Way With These Tiny Steps


The Gospel Coalition's Megan Hill Gave Tips for CHurches When it Comes to Welcoming Children the Right WayREAD MORE

Vatican Archbp. Paul Richard Gallagher Says ‘Peace Only Possible Through Dialogue’

Catholic Church Lays Out Guidelines for Investment Amidst Recent Financial Mishaps of the Church


The Vatican released a money-making guideline for all Catholic churchesREAD MORE

Nepal earthquake 2015

Indonesian Churches and Non-Profit Organization Mobilize After 5.6-Magnitude Earthquake Hits the Island of Java


Indonesian Christian Organization Jamokris and Others Send Aid to Survivors of 5.6 Earthquake in JavaREAD MORE

Nomads on a Mission: Old Methodist Couple Dedicates Divine Service to UMC Ministry

Latter Day Saints Serve and Donate to Countries in Need


The Churhc of the Latter Day Saints report on their recent acts worldwide to help people in countries in needREAD MORE

8 Tips How Christians Should Respond to ‘New Age’ of Persecution

Catholic Church Observes November 23 as ‘Red Wednesday’ for Martyrs


The Catholic Church observes Red Wednesday as a day to support and pay respects to Christians under prosecutionREAD MORE

German Church

German Catholic Church Allows LGBTQ+ Employees Into Church Office Work

The German Catholic Church amended its labor laws to allow LGBTQ people to be employed by the church.READ MORE

Vatican City

Polish Catholic Church Defends the Actions of Pope John Paul II Against Clerical Child Abuse


The Catholic church of Poland Defend the Actions of Pope John Paul During papacy Against Clerical Sex AbuseREAD MORE

Indonesia Church

Archbishop of Jakarta Sends a Message of ‘Authentic Brotherhood’ for the Indonesia Catholic Church


Cardinal Ignatius Suharyo, Archbishop of Jakarta, called for unity among the religious groups of IndonesiaREAD MORE

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