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Jonna Marcaida Calagui

Dolly Parton

Tennessee Wanted To Erect A Statue Of Dolly Parton, But She Declined It For Good Reason


Lawmakers in Tennessee wanted to erect a statue to honor Dolly Parton, however she politely and humbly declined the proposal - and for good reason.READ MORE


TobyMac's New Song Screams Hope After His Son's Untimely Death


Two years after his son's death, TobyMac releases a new song that screams hope for him again for the first time.READ MORE

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

Ex-Capitol Police Chief Sund Says Jan. 6 Riot Was ‘Coordinated Attack’


The ex-Capitol Police chief testified that he believes the riot that happened on Jan. 6 was a "coordinated attack."READ MORE

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

Capitol Officer Who Died During Capitol Riot Wasn’t Killed By Bludgeoning, Mom Says


The mother of the police officer who died from the Capitol Hill riot says her son did not die because of a blow to the head. However, authorities are keeping quiet on the actual details.READ MORE

Joko Widodo

Christians in Indonesia Disappointed At President Jokowi’s Failed Promises


Christians in Indonesia are now feeling disappointed after President Jokowi's failure to deliver on his promise of better religious freedom.READ MORE


Absolute Bias: Mainstream Media Favor Terrorists, Abortionists, Socialists Over Conservatives – Even In Death


It looks like even in death, mainstream media still favor terrorists, abortionists and socialists over conservatives.READ MORE

Upholding the Word of God

Was Jesus A Leftist? Apologist Clarifies


An apologist clarifies the debate on whether or not Jesus was a leftist or not.READ MORE

Biden's HHS pick, the "abortion extremist" Xavier Becerra

Pro-Life Group Warns People Of Faith That Xavier Becerra Is 'Worse-Case Scenario' As New HHS Secretary


Pro-life groups warn believers that having Xavier Becerra as the new HHS secretary is a "worse-case scenario," something that everyone concerned about the sanctity of life will be worried about.READ MORE

iPhone 6

Evangelical Author Hits Big Tech’s Anti-Christian Bias, Warns Christians To Be ‘Wise’ In Social Media


An evangelical author warns Christians to "be wise" in using social media because "people are watching."READ MORE

Franklin Graham warns of ‘all-out socialism’ if Americans don’t vote for leaders ‘who love this country’

Franklin Graham Provides Counsel On Getting Through These ‘Trying Times’


With all that is happening in the world, Franklin Graham gives counsel on how to get through these "trying times."READ MORE

Ravi Zacharias

Christian Leaders React To Scathing Report On Ravi Zacharias’ Sexual Misconduct


Following the report of late apologist Ravi Zacharias' sexual misconduct, Christian leaders all across the nation reacted with horror, dismay, and disappointment.READ MORE

The late Ravi Zacharias

RZIM Staffer Reveals ‘Toxic’ Culture Following Report Exposing Ravi Zacharias’ Sexual Misconduct


A staffer from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) reveals the "toxic" culture inside the ministry group following reports revealing disturbing details regarding the late Ravi Zacharias' sexual misconduct.READ MORE

Restroom signs at Charlotte airport

Religious Freedoms At Risk Due To ‘Equality Act’: ADF


Officials from Alliance Defending Freedom said that the new Equality Act will be putting religious freedom at risk and will create additional concerns especially for Christians.READ MORE

Pastor Ed and Lisa Young in October of 2020

Pastor Ed And Lisa Young Share Heartbreaking Details About Their Daughter’s Struggles


Weeks after the passing of their eldest daughter, Pastors Ed and Lisa Young share the heartbreaking details of their daughter's struggle and their continued trust in God after all that happened.READ MORE

hand lifted up in prayer and worship

Woman Encounters God – And Gets Healed From All Pain In Her Body And Soul


A woman shared her supernatural encounter with God and talked about how she was healed of all pain from her body following a terrible accident.READ MORE

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