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Jonna Marcaida Calagui

Bert and Carolyn Farias

Minister Calling Those Who Supported Evil During Elections To Repent: ‘God Will Forgive You’


A minister is calling those who supported "evil" during the 2020 U.S. elections to repentance.READ MORE

Genesis 123 Foundation

Christians and Jews Come Together To Rescue and Restore One of Israel’s Ancient Lost Tribes


In a historic moment, Christians and Jews will come together in an effort to rescue and restore one of Israel's ancient lost tribes.READ MORE

Ken Ham

Double Standards: Popular Fact-Checker Snopes Publishes Article Containing False Information About Creationism


Snopes was found to have a double standard against Christians, as it admitted to publishing an article maligning Biblical truth without actually checking it.READ MORE

hands lifted up in prayer and worship

Christians Urged To Pray As Dems And Left Continue To Push For Trump’s Impeachment


With the installment of a new government in the U.S., Christians must continue to pray for the nation especially in the midst of an impeachment that could affect the future of the United States.READ MORE


Believers Urged To Pray As MSM And Left Now Label Conservatives And Christians ‘Extremists’


Believers are urged to pray for boldness, strength and wisdom as the government and mainstream media now consider Christians and conservatives to be "extremists."READ MORE

Trump lifts bible to crowd.

Trump 'Best Thing' That Happened For Christian Churches In America Next To Jesus, Author Says


Author and speaker Rachel Hamm called former President Donald Trump to be the "best thing" that happened to Christian churches in America next to Jesus, in response to an article written to paint his work in a bad light.READ MORE

Myanmar's flag along with others outside a building in the country

Christians In Myanmar Asking For Prayer Amid Hopelessness Brought About By Military Takeover


Christians in Myanmar are now calling for the Body of Christ all across the world to pray for them as helplessness invaded them following the turmoil, unrest and confusion brought about by the recent coup in their government.READ MORE

Praying together

Christians Urged To ‘Renounce Saltless Christianity’ And Live Unashamed Of Christ Everywhere


With all that is happening in the world, Christians are now urged to renounce being a 'saltless Christian" and live without being ashamed of Christ.READ MORE

Republican Senator Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul Slams Biden’s Transgender Policy: 'Could End Girls’ And Women’s Sports’


Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul criticized President Joe Biden's new policy that allows transgender women to compete in girls' and women's sports.READ MORE

Joe Biden

Biden Promotes Abortion, Rescinds Trump’s Pro-Life Policies


On Thursday, President Joe Biden signed the memorandum promoting abortion, rescinding Trump's pro-life Mexico City Policy.READ MORE

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Is Preparing For Vaccines Capable Of Attacking The ‘Next Pandemic’


In a rather controversial post, Bill Gates talks about preparing for the 'next pandemic' as if he knows when it's going to happen and what people must do to counter its effects when it comes.READ MORE

"Stop Abortion" sign

Texas Ending Taxpayer Funding To Planned Parenthood Today


Abortion facilities in Texas lose funding through the Medicaid program starting today, Wednesday, Feb. 3.READ MORE

Rev. Katey Zeh, CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Baptist Minister Thanks Biden For Forcing Americans To Fund Abortions, Calls Pro-Life Actions ‘Reproductive Oppression’


A Baptist minister who supports reproductive freedom of choice, or simply the liberty to choose abortion, gave thanks to Joe Biden for forcing Americans to fund abortions, a report says.READ MORE

Tim Tebow raises $750,000 to end human trafficking.

Tim Tebow’s Mom Gave Him A Chance At Life Despite Doctors Encouragement To Abort Him


Tim Tebow applauded his mom for giving him a chance at life even when doctors told her to "get rid of him" by having abortion.READ MORE

Praying Woman

More People Asking For Prayer Due To Fear, Uncertainty: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


More and more people are asking for prayers as they battle a time of fear and uncertainty of the unknown in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.READ MORE

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