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Jonna Marcaida Calagui

President Donald J. Trump

President Donald Trump Slams UK PM Boris Johnson For Lockdowns Canceling Christmas


President Donald Trump slams London's Prime Minister Boris Johnson after 'canceling' Christmas due to the "more contagious" COVID-19 virus that is spreading across the country.READ MORE

‘Zero Reason to Panic’ about President Trump, says White House Coronavirus Adviser

Trump Will Withhold $200 Million From California For Forcing Christians To Pay For Abortions


US President Donald Trump will withhold $200 million in Medicaid funds from the state of California due to its policy that forces even Christians to fund abortions.READ MORE

Transformation Church Pastor Mike Todd

Church Buys Sneaker Store’s Entire Inventory To Give To Charity – After Giving Away $3.5M Over The Weekend


Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma is definitely doing its part to give back and give the word "year-end thanksgiving" a new meaning.READ MORE


Biden Was Once Against Abortion, But Now He’s For It


It seems that long before Joe Biden ran for president of the United States, he was once against abortion, a report says. Now, he fully supports it.READ MORE

Nigerian persecution

Boko Haram Kidnaps Nearly 700 Schoolchildren In Nigeria Because Allah Prohibits ‘Western Education’


This Tuesday, Boko Haram, an Islamic terror group in Nigeria, took responsibility for kidnapping almost 700 children from a secondary school.READ MORE

Uyghurs living in China are being deprived of their human rights by Chinese Firms in XUAR

ICC Rejects Plea To Investigate China Over Uighur Genocide


The International Criminal Court (ICC) has denied the plea to investigate the alleged genocide of the Uighur ethnic minority in China, reports say.READ MORE

Nevada churches secure a win from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

It’s Unconstitutional to Treat Casinos Better than Churches during Pandemic, Nevada Court Rules


An appeals court in Nevada handed another victory to churches this Tuesday after ruling out that statewide restrictions that treat casinos and other businesses better this pandemic than houses of worship are likely "unconstitutional."READ MORE


Man Comes To Christ After Doctor Prays For Him Before Surgery


A man returned to the surgeon who prayed for him before his surgery to once again be prayed for and accepted Christ.READ MORE

Lauren Daigle in the "Look Up Child" album cover

New Orleans Mayor Wants Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Removed From New Year’s Eve Celebration, Receives Flak From Louisiana Officials


New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell demanded that Lauren Daigle be removed from the annual New Year's eve celebration and reaped criticism for the move.READ MORE

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Texas Urges Four Battleground States To Reject Election Tally, Instate New Electors


Electors in Texas are now challenging the four battleground states to reject the alleged results of the 2020 elections by calling legislators to appoint new electors.READ MORE

The American Bible Society's "Hero Squad" program

American Bible Society Launches ‘Hero Squad’ Program For Children With Parents In Military


To help combat military families' struggle over loneliness, discouragement and isolation, American Bible Society launched a program that would help bring hope to them in the holidays.READ MORE

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Vietnamese Pastor’s Son Reveals How Authorities Persecuted His Family


A pastor’s son in Vietnam reveals how authorities imprisoned and pressured his father repeatedly to renounce his faith – and how they also pressured him and their family to turn their backs on Christ as well.READ MORE

SUpreme Court

Gov’t Violates Your Religious Liberty? The Law Says You Can Sue Them For Damages


A legal expert declared another victory for religious liberty after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the three Muslim men that could benefit faith-based organizations and the greater Christian community.READ MORE

Pastor Raphael Warnock

Pro-Life Groups Condemn Democrat Pastor Warnock’s Use Of Scripture To Justify Abortion


Pro-life groups in Georgia have denounced megachurch pastor Raphael Warnock who also happens to be a Democrat U.S. Senate candidate after using Scripture to justify abortion at any time all throughout nine months of pregnancy.READ MORE

American Flag

Six Swing States Choose Electors For President Trump


The six swing states - Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada - chose electors for President Donald Trump, with New Mexico joining the mix, before Dec. 14 came to a close.READ MORE

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