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Jonna Marcaida Calagui

Indian kids smiling

India's New ‘Anti-Conversion Law’ Likely To Increase Christian Persecution


India just approved a controversial anti-conversion law. With the new law, Christians are more likely to suffer from persecution and religiously motivated violence in the country, reports say.READ MORE

Lawyer Sidney Powell

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Calls On Americans To Fix Election Issues Now Or There Will Never Be Free Elections In The Future


In an exclusive interview, President Donald Trump's lawyer Sidney Powell gave updates on the status of the U.S. election and called on Americans to fight to fix the issues that plagued the recent elections.READ MORE

Nigerian persecution

Christian Lawyer Receiving Death Threats For Defending Fulani Attack Victims In Nigeria


A Christian lawyer is now in hiding after receiving death threats for defending victims in the Fulani attack in Nigeria.READ MORE

Attendees at Fellowship Church worship with face masks, May 3, 2020. | Fellowship Church

Frequent Church Attendees Report Better Mental Health Amid Pandemic: Gallup Poll


On Monday, the Gallup Poll revealed that a huge number of those who frequently attended church reported to having "excellent" mental health as compared to those who occasionally attend church, or don't attend church at all.READ MORE

Livestream Worship

COVID-19 Couldn’t Stop Gospel Spread In Nations


COVID-19 might have brought a halt to many industries, but it has not stopped the Gospel from spreading across the nations.READ MORE

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado of King Jesus International Ministry

Megachurch Pastor Maldonado Urges Congregation To Reject COVID-19 Vaccine: ‘Believe In The Blood Of Jesus’


Megachurch Pastor Guillermo Maldonado of King Jesus International Ministry urged his congregation on Sunday to reject the COVID-19 vaccine for reasons that it will be used to prepare the world for the 'one world order' of the Antichrist.READ MORE

Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks, California

Calif. Pastors Turn Churches Into ‘Temporary Strip Clubs’ To Hold Worship Services


After a San Diego judge ruled out that strip clubs can reopen and churches should stay closed, two pastor from megachurches in California have decided to rebrand the church they lead into "temporary strip clubs."READ MORE

Trump Signs Executive Order to Protect Infants Born Alive

President Trump Delivers His ‘Most Important Speech,’ Reveals How Election Was ‘Rigged’


President Donald Trump recently delivered what he calls as 'the most important speech' of his presidency.READ MORE

North Korea prison camp

North Koreans Increasingly Exposed To Bible Despite Gov’t Persecution: Report


Despite harsh persecution from their government, an increasing number of North Koreans are getting exposed to the Bible yearly.READ MORE

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

Americans Would Vote For Trump – Not For Biden – If They Knew The Truth: Research


Research reveals that if Americans only knew the truth, they would have voted for President Donald Trump and not former Vice President Joe Biden.READ MORE

President Donald Trump's tweet, censored by Twitter

Twitter Censored Trump 235 Times Since 2018, But Didn’t Censor Biden At All


It seems that for two years in a row, Twitter has censored President Donald Trump's posts but never Biden thanks to their new algorithm that is hard at work, says a report.READ MORE

Biden expects Islamic faith

Biden Will Fulfill All Of LGBTQ Activists’ Wishes If He Sits As POTUS, Report Reveals


Joe Biden is making promises to LGBTQ activists to make their wishes "a top legislative priority," a report says.READ MORE

Christians in different places face different kinds of persecution.

Christian Persecution Increased Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Conditions


A report revealed that Christian persecution got worse all across the world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.READ MORE

Lee Strobel

‘The Case for Christ’ Author Launches Weekly Series Looking Into The Case For Christmas


Former atheist and renowned author Lee Strobel and a , has announced the launched of a four-week online video Bible study series investigating the birth and divinity of Jesus.READ MORE

social medis apps

Twitter Refuses to Remove Hashtag Calling for Priests To Be Burned Despite Rules Against Violence


Despite numerous complaints with its blatant message of violence, Twitter still refused to remove the hashtag calling for priests to be burned alive.READ MORE

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