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Julio Cachila

Cross of Christ

Jesus Christ Rose From The Dead And That’s A Fact


A noted minister explains that despite the attempts to paint it as something that didn't really happen, Jesus Christ's resurrection actually occurred and a lot of evidence proves it.READ MORE

Masters Champ Scottie Scheffler

Masters Champion Scottie Scheffler Declares God Is The Reason Why He Plays The Sport


The new Masters golf champion, who on Sunday won a stunning victory, credits his win and overall golf career to God who, according to him, is the "reason" why he's playing the sport.READ MORE

China barbed wire

Chinese Communist Government Bans ‘Christ’ From Messaging Apps, Lumps It With Heinous Crimes


The communist government of China has enacted a new law targeting the very heart of Christianity and is now banning the word "Christ" from online messaging apps because it "violates regulations," a report says.READ MORE

Fully Vaccinated Account For 9 Out Of 10 COVID Deaths In Europe: Official Data

US Court Reinstates Biden’s Order Forcing Federal Employees To Get Vaccinated


A federal appeals court has reinstated U.S. President Joe Biden's mandate requiring federal employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19.READ MORE


Hillsong Worship Pulls Out Of Tour To ‘Heal’ Amid Scandals Plaguing Church


Hillsong Worship, the worship band of the popular megachurch Hillsong, has announced that it will not be joining a concert tour with other Christian groups anymore in order for its team to "heal" amid the issues surrounding the church's leaders.READ MORE

Canadian Pastor Henry Hildebrandt speaking in front of the Freedom Convoy

Canadian Pastors: Trudeau ‘Not King Of Canada’, Tyrannical Acts Opening Nation to Judgment


A coalition of pastors in Canada sent an open letter to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, rebuking him for his harsh response to the people demanding an end to vaccine mandates.READ MORE

Coronavirus Vaccination

Researcher Warns Third Booster Jab Against COVID Might Be Lethal


While the world continues to struggle against COVID-19 and governments are pushing for vaccine mandates, new reports about the potential dangers of COVID vaccines are appearing online - the most recent of which pertains to the potential lethality of booster shots.READ MORE

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler

Albert Mohler Warns Against Downplaying The Islamic Theology Motivating The Taliban


The prominent theologian urges people, especially Christians, to realize that the Taliban's aggression is motivated by none other than their faith.READ MORE

Letitia Wright

Christian Celebrity Shares How Hollywood Forces Her To ‘Stop Talking About Jesus’


Christian celebrity Letitia Wright openly talked about the pressure she faces for her faith in her job as an actress, and how God sustains her through it all, in an interview.READ MORE

olympic rings

God Honors Women At The 2020 Tokyo Olympics


Despite the attacks on women including women's sports, biological females continue to excel even in the field of sports, as seen in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This just shows how God wonderfully designed women, according to His image and likeness.READ MORE

Mark Driscoll

Former Elders At Mars Hill Call For Mark Driscoll To Resign From New Church


Nearly 40 elders of Mars Hill church, which shut down more than five years ago, are calling for its former pastor to resign from his new church because of reports revealing a troubling pattern that wasn't corrected years ago.READ MORE

man raising hands worshiping God beneath a dark gloomy sky

Pastor Shares Powerful Advice How To Face Every Bad Thing Happening In America (And Everywhere) Today


Christians can overcome and not let bad news cause depression and hopelessness by doing certain steps to constantly think of the future according to God's Word, not according to the world, a minister says.READ MORE

Andy Williams

Former Casting Crowns Drummer Andy Williams Passes Away


Andy Williams, former drummer of the popular Christian band Casting Crowns, has passed away after fighting for survival in the hospital following a serious motor accident.READ MORE

Anthony Fauci

Anti-God Group Names Anthony Fauci As The ‘2021 Humanist Of The Year’


Aside from getting the public's attention due to his leaked emails revealing his mishandling of COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci is now getting some attention from an atheist group praising his "commitment to accessible, evidence-based information."READ MORE

Child reading a Bible laughing happy life

The Bible Says Only The Earth Can Sustain Life, And Science Proves It


Despite all of the efforts to find life outside of planet Earth, the fact remains that only the planet where the human race lives and thrives on is capable of sustaining life forms.READ MORE

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