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Julio Cachila


World’s First American Sign Language Bible Opens Doors For Multiple Translations In Other Sign Languages Outside US


The deaf Christian community recently celebrated the completion of the first ever full digital sign language Bible in the world called the American Sign Language Version (ASLV). The ASLV Bible took nearly four decades to finish.READ MORE


Police Raid Christian Gathering, Seize Church Leaders in Guizhou, China


Police recently raided a Christian gathering in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province in China and seized the pastor along with some members. This shows the continued persecution Christians face in the Communist country. READ MORE

Physician-assisted suicide

UK Health Secretary Hancock Allows Travel For Assisted Suicide, But Not For Holidays


While current lockdown laws in the U.K effectively prevent people from going places for leisure, the Health secretary says they will allow people to travel to other countries as long as it is for the purpose of dying.READ MORE

Vote sticker

Trump Campaign Gains Legal Win In Pennsylvania, Observers Permitted To Monitor Counting

Trump campaign observers were allowed to closely monitor the counting of votes in Pennsylvania only after a judge issued the order.READ MORE

Pastor Carl Lentz

Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz Terminated For Leadership Issues, Moral Failure


Controversial Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz has been removed from leadership after recently admitting to being "unfaithful" to his wife, and is now in a process of rebuilding their relationship.READ MORE

American Flag

Christian Leaders Urge Believers To Keep Praying For US Elections


While America and the whole world watches and waits for the results of this year's Elections, several prominent Christian leaders continue to urge believers everywhere, especially those who are in support of President Donald Trump, to keep praying for the U.S.READ MORE

Trump lifts bible to crowd.

Pro-Life Actor Urges Hispanics To Vote Trump For Defending Unborn Babies


Pro-life Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui recently uploaded a video where he provides concrete reasons why Hispanics should vote for Trump.READ MORE

President Donald J. Trump

Leading Coup Experts Preparing Left In Case Trump Wins, Report Claims


A group, hiding in the guise of preventing a possible coup, is training the left to prepare for a coup if it doesn't get its way in the US elections, a report claims.READ MORE

Trump targets African-American's vote two months before the election

Kirk Cameron Says Christians Realizing Socialism, Communism Threat ‘Knocking On Our Doors’


Christian actor Kirk Cameron says more people of faith are now recognizing attempts to force socialism and communism into American minds.READ MORE

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