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Julio Cachila

American flag

California Minister Urges American Christians To 'Go After God And Make Things Happen' Amid Election Chaos


Amid all the noise coming from a variety of sources and voices, prominent California-based minister Mario Murillo is urging Christians to reject what some people, even preachers, are saying and focus on God and His Word instead.READ MORE

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Urges Georgia Christians To Vote: ‘Soul Of Nation At Stake’


Noted Evangelist Franklin Graham is calling on Christians in Georgia to stand and vote for the right candidates during the Senate run-off elections because the results will not only affect the state, but the nation as a whole.READ MORE

Anti-abortion protest

Argentina Legalizes Abortion


Argentina's Senate voted to legalize abortion on Wednesday, making it legal up to the 14th week of pregnancy, as well as in cases where the mother's life is in danger and in cases of rape.READ MORE

David A.R. White

A New ‘God’s Not Dead’ Sequel Is Coming Soon


Those who watched and have loved the "God's Not Dead" series of films will be glad to know that a new sequel is coming soon.READ MORE

Cross of Jesus Christ

BBC’s ‘Black Jesus’ Refers To Jesus As ‘Palestinian’


A feature story of a BBC radio program that deals with questions of faith claimed Jesus was "Palestinian."READ MORE

Picture: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo holds a coronavirus briefing in New York City Monday afternoon August 3, 2020.

Appeals Court Rules Cuomo’s Religious Restrictions Are Unconstitutional


A Manhattan appeals court ruled on Monday that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's COVID restrictions on places of worship violate the Constitution and discriminate against religion.READ MORE

Pastor Raphael Warnock

Former Camper Reveals Abuse He Received At Camp Overseen By Pro-Abortion Senatorial Candidate Raphael Warnock


Democrat Senatorial candidate Raphael Warnock, the controversial pastor who used the Bible to defend his support of abortion, was once the leader of a church that hosted camps in previous years. One particular camper who attended such a camp revealed that he, as well as other campers, had experienced abuse there.READ MORE

Americans are concerned financially.

Here's What Americans Will Receive From The Newly-Signed COVID Relief Bill


Here's what Americans will receive from the COVID relief bill that President Trump himself criticized and demanded to be significantly changed before signing.READ MORE

man mask against COVID-19

Globalists Working On System Determining Who Gets Access To Everyday Life Amid COVID-19


Now that vaccines meant for COVID-19 are being distributed and administered to Americans and other people across the world, globalists are working to create a system meant to monitor those who have been inoculated while determining those who haven't been vaccinated yet.READ MORE

House church in China

Beijing Pastor Under House Arrest For Nine Years Is Finally Free


Chinese authorities released a Beijing house church pastor who had been under house arrest for nine years.READ MORE

I voted

More Election Fraud Evidence: Pennsylvania Has More Than 521,000 ‘Phantom Voters’


Just over the weekend, a mathematician looked over millions records in Pennsylvania and discovered that more than half a million votes came from so-called "phantom voters."READ MORE

President Trump

President Trump Signs COVID Relief Bill, Wants Americans To Receive More Than Congress Originally Planned


U.S. President Donald Trump signed the controversial COVID relief bill Sunday night with the intention to bring much-needed help to Americans struggling from the impact of the 2019 novel coronavirus.READ MORE

China forbidden city

Zhang Zhan: Christian Citizen Journalist Sentenced To Four Years In Prison For Wuhan Virus Reports


The Christian citizen journalist who covered the Wuhan virus outbreak in February was sentenced to four years in prison Monday at the Pudong New Area People's Court in Shanghai.READ MORE

Gray metal door knobs in China

Detained Christian Journalist Who Reported About Wuhan COVID Looks ‘Unrecognizable,’ To Face Trial On Dec. 28


Christian citizen journalist Zhang Zhan, a Wuhan COVID whistleblower, looked very thin and was "almost unrecognizable, like skin and bones," according to her defense lawyer Ren Quanniu, who visited her at the Shanghai Detention Center on Dec. 17.READ MORE

Hospital room

Elderly Man Treated For COVID-19 Killed By Fellow Patient Because He Prayed


In a saddening turn of events, an elderly man who was being treated for the coronavirus was killed by his fellow COVID-19 patient for simply praying.READ MORE

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