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Julio Cachila

Donald Trump U.S. President

President Trump Blasts Supreme Court, Republicans Over Election Issues, Calls On People To Fight Against Voter Fraud


President Donald Trump blasted both the Supreme Court and the establishment Republicans, calling them out for not standing up to fight against the voter fraud that occurred in the recent US elections - even when there are tons of evidence supporting the Trump campaign's assertions. READ MORE

Police line

Nashville Explosion Affects Wide Area, Police Lauded For Saving Lives


Six police officers were recognized for their efforts to evacuate people and keep them safe from the explosion that happened in Nashville early Christmas morning.READ MORE

Iraq Christians

Iraq Parliament Unanimously Passes Bill Recognizing Christmas As National Holiday


Iraq passed a bill last week formally recognizing Christmas day as an annual public holiday throughout its territory. This is a huge win for Christians in the Middle East.READ MORE

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Says No Vaccine Can Cure Hopelessness This Christmas, Jesus Is The Only Hope


Christmas in the midst of a pandemic is a lot different than what most people have gotten used to, and for many, the season could bring about sadness instead of joy. Evangelist Franklin Graham points us to Jesus, the only Person who can cure hopelessness during this time.READ MORE

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas

President Donald Trump And First Lady Melania Deliver Heartwarming Christmas Message For All Americans


It's Christmas, and the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, along with his wife, the First Lady Melania, delivered a very heartwarming message to all Americans.READ MORE

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson Flip-Flops, Tells Trump To ‘Move On’ Several Days After Saying Election Was Stolen


Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, raised eyebrows on Monday when he said it's time for Pres. Donald Trump to "move on" and accept his defeat.READ MORE

Christmas Tree

Why Christians Can Continue To Be Thankful For Christmas


Christians all over the globe are celebrating Christmas with gratefulness in their hearts, thanking God for sending His only begotten Son into the world. The celebrations are not without hardship of some kind, however.READ MORE

Secret Fellowship Church in the Middle of North Korea Prison Camp

North Korea Publicly Executes Fishing Captain For Listening To Foreign Radio


A fishing fleet captain was executed in North Korea for listening to a foreign media outlet while at sea.READ MORE

Physician-assisted suicide

Spain’s Parliament Approves Euthanasia Bill


The lower house of Spain's Parliament voted Thursday to legalize the euthanasia bill.READ MORE

Uyghurs living in China are being deprived of their human rights by Chinese Firms in XUAR

Uighurs: China’s Marketplace Giant Alibaba Admits It Created Software Used To Track Ethnic Minority


A report reveals that China's Alibaba has software used to detect Uighurs. The revelation came days after some companies, particularly tech giant Huawei, was also found to have such a software.READ MORE

CCTV installed on the streets of China

China: ‘Tens Of Thousands’ Of Pastors Go Into Hiding To Prepare For Government’s ‘Final Assault’ Against Christianity


Tens of thousands of pastors in China have reportedly gone into hiding in anticipation of the communist government's "final assault" against Christianity.READ MORE

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Says He ‘Tends’ To Believe The Election Is ‘Rigged’ or 'Stolen,' Just Like Trump says


Renowned evangelist Franklin Graham recently took to Facebook to declare that he 'tends' to believe US President Donald Trump when the latter said the election was rigged.READ MORE

Sending Balloons to North Korea people

South Korea Bans Sending Of Printed Materials, Other Items to North Korea


South Korea just passed a law on Monday banning the sending of leaflets, Bibles, other printed materials, flash drives, goods, and even money to North Korea.READ MORE

Man from Pakistan faces death

Pakistan Christian Serving Life Sentence For Blasphemy Gets Acquitted


A Christian man from Pakistan, who was serving a life sentence for blasphemy, was finally released after more than 11 years of being behind bars.READ MORE

US President Donald Trump

Trump ‘Going To Continue To Go Forward’ In Election Case


US President Donald Trump says he and his team will not stop contesting the results of the Nov. 3 election, especially after discovering tons of evidence of cheating and voter fraud especially in the four key states in Texas' lawsuit.READ MORE

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