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Julio Cachila

Crosses in China are taken down by the government authorities

Hong Kong Religious Groups Fear Being Targeted After Police Raid Of Pro-Democracy Church


Religious groups in Hong Kong fear they could be politically targeted after police recently raided a church that supported protesters during the 2019 protest movement.READ MORE

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania

President Trump Delivers The Most Important Christmas Message To All Americans


Since Christmas is just right around the corner, US President Donald Trump decided to deliver his Christmas message to all Americans - a very timely message during this currently chaotic time characterized by massive voter fraud, and intensified attacks on Christians.READ MORE


20 States File Brief In Support Of Kentucky’s Bid To Legalize Ban On Dismemberment Abortion


A total of 20 states are backing Kentucky in its efforts to ask the country's highest court to uphold its ban on dismemberment abortions.READ MORE

Pastor Andrew Brunson with his wife Norine

Pastor Andrew Brunson Warns Of Increasing Hostility Toward Christians In US: ‘Not Being Prepared Is Very, Very Dangerous’


American Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was a missionary to Turkey for two decades, gave out a warning that there will be increasing hostility toward followers of Christ in the U.S. in the near future.READ MORE

Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani

Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Says Fight For Election Integrity ‘Not Finished’ Yet Despite Supreme Court Ruling On Texas Lawsuit


Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani believes all is not lost despite the Supreme Court's decision to dismiss the case filed by the state of Texas regarding voter fraud that occurred in the four battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia. READ MORE

YouVersion Bible app on a smartphone

YouVersion Records 80 Percent Increase In Bible App Searches During Pandemic-Ridden 2020


The year 2020 has been marked by a lot of disruptions, questions, and uncertainties, but it has also been the year in which YouVersion saw "record-breaking" engagements in its Bible App.READ MORE

Supreme Court

Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit Gains Massive Support From Other States, Representatives


Eighteen of America's states, and more than 100 House Republicans, have expressed their support for Texas' lawsuit against voter fraud committed in four battleground states, reports say.READ MORE


Intercessors For America: Four Ways To Pray For The US Election Amid All The Chaos


The Intercessors for America have issued an encouragement to all the faithful to not stop praying for the US election, and shared four ways to do so in the midst of all the chaos and noise designed to tire people out.READ MORE

American flag

Intercessors For America Warn About 5 Dangers The Country Is Facing: ‘We Need To Press On’ In Prayer


The Intercessors For America issued a call for prayer amid the intensified attempts to confuse people regarding the recent US elections, saying "we all have election fatigue," then emphasizing the dangers of "giving up" - pulling away from praying for the country at this very crucial time.READ MORE

Men talking Bible study

Christians Should Preach The ‘Weird Stuff’ Of Christianity, Agnostic Historian Urges


An agnostic historian is urging Christians to avoid shying away from talking about Christianity, particularly the things that non-Christians find "weird" about it.READ MORE

YouTube wants to control what people see, watch, read, and view

YouTube To Remove All Videos On Voter Fraud In The Recent US Elections


Google-owned YouTube announced that it will be removing all videos questioning the validity of Democrat Joe Biden's "victory" in the recent US Elections - something that hasn't even been confirmed by the US Congress and is currently being disputed by tons of evidence of voter fraud.READ MORE

China forbidden city

China Requires Teachers To Sign Pledge ‘To Not Believe In Any Faith’


All teachers in Wenzhou City, in Zhejiang province in China, are required to sign a public pledge form stating they would not profess any faith and would not be involved in the practice and spread of any religion, a report reveals.READ MORE

Carl and Laura Lentz

Carl Lentz Begins Treatment For Depression And Pastoral Burnout


Carl Lentz, who was fired from Hillsong NYC last month for breach of trust and moral failure, is seeking help as he takes the necessary steps toward restoration.READ MORE

Trump lifts bible to crowd.

Trump Standing In The Way Of Globalists’ Oppressive Plan Called ‘The Great Reset’


While some people see President Donald Trump as a great deterrent to China's plans, he and the United States under him are also seen to be a great deterrent, even a stop, against what is known as "The Great Reset."READ MORE

Woman in Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan Christian Woman Shot Dead For Refusing Offer Of Marriage And Conversion To Islam


A 24-year-old Christian woman was murdered after she refused to marry a Muslim man because of her faith.READ MORE

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