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Julio Cachila

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Dominion Refuses To Attend US Election Hearing After Saying It Would Come


A controversial company that provided voting software used in the recent US Presidential Elections has refused to appear in a committee hearing after it previously said it will attend.READ MORE

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Urges Americans To Pray For The Truth Amid US Election Issues


The President and CEO of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse, Evangelist Franklin Graham, urges Americans to pray for the truth amidst the US 2020 election issues that question its integrity and results.READ MORE


Gen Z Considered Faith ‘Very Important’ During Pandemic: Survey


A survey has revealed that the younger generation, called Gen Z, consider faith to be a very important thing to hold on to during the COVID-19 pandemic more than any other age group in America.READ MORE

Dr.Ben Carson

Ben Carson Now ‘Out Of The Woods’ After Being Sick With COVID, Thanks Trump For Clearing Him For Treatment


Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, took to Facebook to thank everyone who helped and prayed for him and his wife Candy as they battled COVID-19. READ MORE


Thanksgiving 2020: Why We Can Thank God Amid This Year’s Problems


In a year that was filled with many challenges, problems, stressful situations, and sometimes loss in the face of sickness and poverty, how and why can a person celebrate Thanksgiving?READ MORE

‘Zero Reason to Panic’ about President Trump, says White House Coronavirus Adviser

Trump Projected To Win 400 Electoral Votes In ‘Landslide Victory,’ Says Lawyer


Georgia-based lawyer Lin Wood said in a recent interview that Pres. Donald Trump "won a landslide victory" and the truth will come out once all the election fraud has been uncovered.READ MORE

Sadie Robertson overcomes her insecurities only with God's power

Gen Z Christians ‘Aren’t Lukewarm’ But ‘Craving’ Absolute Truth, Discipleship: Sadie Robertson Huff


"Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson Huff believes that younger Christians are not "lukewarm." Rather, she said they are looking for absolute truth and discipleship from church leaders.READ MORE

Human life

Guatemala Bans Planned Parenthood From Entering The Country


Guatemala moved to repeal a previous agreement that allowed Planned Parenthood to operate in the country.READ MORE

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Hungary Pushes For Constitutional Amendment To Protect ‘Children’s Right To The Gender Identity They Were Born With’


Hungary has proposed to amend its constitution to guarantee that children will be raised with the gender identity that corresponds to their biological genderREAD MORE

Three-Self Church in China

Chinese Churches Shut Down, Rented Out, Sold Or Repurposed By Communist Government To Stop Worshippers From Gathering


A report reveals the Chinese Communist Party's efforts to shut down churches to stop worshippers from gathering together to hold services.READ MORE

Pastor Carl Lentz

Carl Lentz Said He Was A Sports Agent, Muslim Woman Who Allegedly Had Relationship With Him Says


In the wake of the controversial firing of former Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz over moral failure, the woman with whom he allegedly had a relationship revealed Lentz introduced himself as a "sports agent" and did not tell her he was married.READ MORE


13 Pro-Life Women Champions Make Their Way To US Congress


Thirteen pro-life women have been elected to Congress in the recent U.S. Elections. All of them are vocal in their advocacies to protect the lives of the unborn, and keep them safe until the day they are brought into the world.READ MORE

Crosses in China are taken down by the government authorities

Catholic Clergy Forcibly Taken by Authorities in Hebei, China


State security officials seized two priests and more than a dozen nuns and seminarians from an underground Catholic community in Baoding, Hebei Province, China, reports said.READ MORE

‘Zero Reason to Panic’ about President Trump, says White House Coronavirus Adviser

Rabbi Stands By Prediction Trump Will Have 4 More Years To Complete ‘Mission’ God Gave Him

A rabbi is standing by his prediction that incumbent Pres. Donald Trump will have four more years so he can fulfill the mission that God has given him.READ MORE

Bible study in small groups

American Bible Society: Many Republicans, Democrats ‘Bible Disengaged’


A report from the American Bible Society reveals that many Americans, regardless of political leaning or affiliation, appear to be disengaged from the Bible.READ MORE

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