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Krizzia Paolyn Reyes


Hindu Extremists Attack Churches And Pressure Police To Arrest Christians


Over 20 Christians were arrested last month after police officers were pressured by a group of armed Hindu extremists who ambushed two churches and terrorized church members in India on February 7, accusing them of forcing people to convert into Christianity, a report says.READ MORE

Myanmar's flag along with others outside a building in the country

How The Myanmar Coup Affects Christians In Country


A number of religious and ethnic groups have experienced terrorist acts following the military coup in Myanmar, denying them their basic human rights.READ MORE

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Texas Gov. Abbott Announces New Legislation Protecting Conservative Speech From Big Tech


Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced in a recent press conference the new legislation that would prohibit tech giants from censoring and de-platforming conservative voices in Texas.READ MORE

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission

Washington Supreme Court Reverses Previous Ruling, Opens Door For Potential Attack On Religious Freedom


Washington State Supreme Court reversed a previous ruling by a King County Superior Court judge on the legal exemptions of religious employers from the state's anti-discrimination law, which could potentially open doors for violations of religious freedom.READ MORE

Boko Haram

Nigerian Pastor Who Was Freed On Execution Day Thanks God For Release


A Nigerian Christian pastor, who has been held captive by Boko Haram terrorists for nearly 3 months, praised God after he was released Wednesday evening, hours prior to the given deadline for his ransom, a report says.READ MORE

Christians worshiping Jesus Christ the Lord

Jesus Christ Is A Real Historical Figure, And Secular Historians Don’t Doubt That


In a February 22 episode of The Table Podcast, Mikel Del Rosario, John Dickson, and Darrell Bock discussed how secular historians have no doubt that Jesus Christ --the Jesus Christ of the Bible-- really existed.READ MORE

Sidi Abi Said, Aryanah, Tunisia

Christian Persecution In Tunisia Continues A Decade After The Revolution


Christians and other minority groups in Tunisia still face oppression a decade after the Tunisian revolution, a human rights report says.READ MORE

YouTube wants to control what people see, watch, read, and view

Big Tech Removing Videos Showing President Trump's CPAC Speech


In yet another one of Big Tech's moves on censoring conservatives, videos of former President Donald Trump's speech before the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that was posted on YouTube was removed and banned from the said website Thursday, a report says.READ MORE

Operation Volunteer Strong

150 Missing Children From Tennessee Rescued After Months-Long Operation, Reunited With Families


After months of conducting the "Operation Volunteer Strong," 150 missing children were finally rescued and brought back to their families, along with one of the endangered children in Tennessee who had been missing for more than a year.READ MORE


One In Six Gen-Z Adults Say They’re LGBT – Why The Sudden Increase?


The LGBT community in the United States has dramatically increased over time, according to a new Gallup poll published on Wednesday. It shows that one in six adults in Generation Z (born between 1997 - 2002) identify as part of the LGBT. But what is the reason behind the sudden increase? A Christian minister offers an objective explanation.READ MORE

Kids watching TV

Kids More Likely To Die From Suicides Due To COVID-19 Lockdowns: Study Shows


A Fair Health Study shows that lockdowns due to COVID-19 greatly affect the mental health of kids and often leads to suicide, a cause of death for kids that is more rampant than the infection of the virus itself.READ MORE

The COL 1972 Family

Pro-Life Fashion Designer Responds To Pro-Abortion Celebs With Own Clothing Line Promoting ‘Culture Of Life’


Pro-life fashion designer Carla D'Addesi defends the value of human life from celebrities advertising abortion rights by means of her own fashion brand COL 1972, "the only trademarked fashion brand that supports a culture of life."READ MORE

School classroom

Los Angeles Unveils Plan Showing Microsoft-Supported Dystopian Future Of Schools In California


A short animated film by the Los Angeles Unified School District, in partnership with Microsoft, shows Los Angeles' plan when face-to-face classes finally resume. The video was supposed to be comforting, but instead, sparked worry amongst people for showing a dystopian future in California.READ MORE

Pastor Jacob Reaume

Church In Canada Fined $83,000 For Violating COVID-19 Restrictions


The Ontario Superior Court of Justice fined Trinity Bible Chapel, a Canadian church, $83,000 for holding a physical Sunday service, violating their restrictions on COVID-19.READ MORE

Coronavirus Vaccination

New Orleans Archdiocese Warns Newest COVID Vaccine Developed Using Abortion Cells


The Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans warns Christians on the newest COVID-19 vaccine developed by Janssen/Johnson & Johnson, saying it is "morally compromised" as it uses cells obtained in abortions.READ MORE

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