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Leah Nablo Yecla

Study shows CoronaVirus cases may be four times the official figure.

Gospel Opportunities Abundant Despite 2020 Hardships: DOOR


For organizations such as DOOR, 2020 was a season for more opportunities to spread the gospel despite the hardships it brought.READ MORE

SpaceX Dragon Successfully Docks at International Space Station

Christian Astronaut Says Sunrise From The ISS Reminds Him Of Psalm 30


A Christian astronaut took photos of a sunrise from the International Space Station and said the view reminded him of Psalm 30.READ MORE

Rev. Bob Rodgers of Evangel World Prayer Center

Faith Leaders Condemn Pastor’s Words Cursing Those Who Stole The Election From Trump


Church leaders condemned a pastor for releasing words that cursed those who allegedly stole the elections from President Donald Trump.READ MORE


Former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Looking To Get Netflix, TV Deals


Former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz reportedly sought the Netflix, producers, and TV executives for opportunities.READ MORE

A Pakistani girl's hands

‘We Are Worried And In Pain’: Pakistan’s Christians Cry For Justice After Two Women Raped, Killed


After two Christian womens got raped and killed, Christians in Pakistan cried out for justice and expressed their grief saying "we are worried and in pain."READ MORE

Nigerian persecution

More Christians Killed For Their Faith Amid COVID Pandemic, Report Says


In spite of the COVID 19 pandemic, more Christians continue to suffer violence because of their faith.READ MORE


Turkish Authorities Stopped Investigations Regarding The Kidnapping Of Elderly Christians, Report Says


The family of an abducted elderly Christian couple seeks help as the Turkish authorities stopped the investigation over the kidnapping. READ MORE

Jessa Duggar-Seewald and husband, Ben

Jessa Duggar Seewald Becomes A Pastor’s Wife As Husband Ben Gets Ordained


Jessa Duggar Seewald is now a pastor's wife and is set to encourage more lives than before as her husband Ben got ordained.READ MORE

Pastor Robert Jeffress

GOP Rep. Kinzinger Apologizes To Pastor Robert Jeffress For Accusing Him Wrongly


GOP Rep. Kinzinger apologized to Pastor Robert Jeffress publicly over a false accusation that the church leader pushed the 2020 election fraud claimsREAD MORE

Christians in different places face different kinds of persecution.

Here Are The Most Dangerous Countries For Christians In 2021, According To Open Doors


Open Doors released the list of the most dangerous countries for Christians in 2021.READ MORE

Thailand Parliament House

Thai Province Joins Islamists In Implementing Sharia Law


A Southern province in Thailand joined the local Islamists in implementing the Sharia law that aims to crack down on the public display of affection among young unmarried couples.READ MORE

Carl and Laura Lentz

Former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Seen For The First Time In Public Since Rehab


Carl Lentz, the former Hillsong pastor was seen in public for the first time after his month-long rehabilitation.READ MORE

Picture of a Fetus

Wicked: NJ Pens ‘License To Kill’ Bill That Lets Non-Doctors Perform Abortions Up Until Birth


New Jersey supported a bill that allows even non-doctors to perform abortion up to nine months, a bill that advocates describe as wicked.READ MORE

Thomas More Society Group is now in charge of this matter

Christian Pastor In Pakistan Charged With Blasphemy Over Facebook Post


A Christian pastor in Pakistan arrested over a Facebook post now faces blasphemy charges.READ MORE


India Approves Harshest Anti-Conversion Law Yet


India approved an ordinance that lawmakers consider the harshest anti-conversion law implemented in the country yet.READ MORE

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