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Leah Nablo Yecla

"gender roles" typewritten on paper

Nancy Pelosi’s New ‘Future-Focused’ Rules For Congress Ban ‘Gendered’ Terms Like Father, Mother, Son, Daughter


Nancy Pelosi released rules for Congress proposal suggesting the elimination of gender-specific terms like father, mother, son, daughter, and more.READ MORE

Nigerian persecution

Christians Attacked By Militia In Nigeria During Christmas Week


Christians in Nigeria were attacked by armed militia as they waited to celebrate Christmas.READ MORE

Church in Pakistan

Threatened With Violence, Hundreds Of Christians In Pakistan Flee From Their Homes


Hundreds of Christians in Pakistan fled their neighborhood and spent Christmas away from home, after being threatened with violence.READ MORE

China Church

Communist Chinese Government Removes Religious References In Catholic Pilgrimage Site


As part of its sinicization effort, the Chinese government removed religious references from a Catholic pilgrimage site and replaced them with politically acceptable phrases.READ MORE

Picture: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo holds a coronavirus briefing in New York City Monday afternoon August 3, 2020.

New York Restaurants Ban Andrew Cuomo For Ridiculous Restrictions


A group of New York restaurant owners agreed to ban Governor Andrew Cuomo from restaurants in the city for his ridiculous restrictions.READ MORE

Pew Research Center Reports Deep Partisan Divides On COVID-19

Free Chapel Pastor Jentezen Franklin Diagnosed Positive For COVID-19


Free Chapel Pastor Jentezen Franklin recently got diagnosed positive for COVID 19.READ MORE

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Ruling Prompts Los Angeles County To Reverse Ban On Indoor Worship Services


Los Angeles County reversed the ban on indoor worship services as the Supreme Court ruling issued legal decisions on the church in-person gatherings.READ MORE

Pope Francis Addresses 500 Roman Catholic Faithfuls

Pope Francis Disapproves Of St. Peter’s Square Nativity Scene, Decries ‘Christmas Consumerism’


Pope Francis indirectly expressed his disapproval of the 2020 Saint Peter Square's nativity scene and warned everyone of Christmas consumerism.READ MORE

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Wants House Members To Wear Masks Inside The Chamber To Be Recognized


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged members to wear masks while inside the chamber and warns withdrawal of recognition to violators.READ MORE

Candace Cameron Bure

‘Fuller House’ Star Candace Cameron Bure Gives Powerful Advice On Purpose And Identity


Candace Cameron Bure receives applause after giving powerful advice on purpose and identity.READ MORE

Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol"

Survey Reveals Most Adults Want To Help Others This Christmas Season


Most adults across the globe want to help others this Christmas season, according to a recent survey.READ MORE


Group Of Ministers Urge Democrat Pastor Raphael Warnock To Denounce Abortion


A group of Christian ministers appealed to Rev. Raphael Warnock to denounce his abortion advocacy.READ MORE


Al-Qaeda-linked Terrorist Group Raises Funds Using Fake Charity Boxes: Indonesia Police


A recent police investigation revealed that Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group Jamaah Islamiyah raised funds through fake charity baoxes.READ MORE

Vatican City

‘There Is Nothing Particularly Human’ About Vatican’s Ugly Nativity Scene This Year


Observers described the 2020 Vatican’s nativity scene as ugly and contain nothing particularly human.READ MORE

Colorado Supreme Court

Colorado Gov. Removes Church Attendance Caps, Says Houses Of Worship ‘Essential’


Colorado Gov. Polis recently removed the church attendance caps declaring the houses of worship as essentials.READ MORE

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