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Leah Nablo Yecla

"Black Lives Matter" protest.

BLM Co-Founder Urges Biden To Create Law Abolishing Police, Prisons


Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors is urging Joe Biden to create a law that would abolish the police, prisons, and what she calls "radical proposals" if ever he takes the president's seat.READ MORE

School classroom

Franklin Graham Speaks Up After ‘Operation Christmas Child’ Pulled Out From School


Rev. Franklin Graham spoke up after a school cut ties with the Samaritan's Purse's Operation Christmas Child.READ MORE


Christian Group Asks British PM: Grant Asylum To 14-Year-Old Girl Abducted By Muslim Man


A Christian group is asking the British Prime Minister to grant asylum to a 14-year-old girl abducted and forcibly converted to Islam by a Muslim man.READ MORE

India student

Radical Hindu Groups Urge India Gov’t: Stop Giving Benefits To Christian Converts


Radical Hindu groups in India urge the country's government to stop giving benefits to tribal or indigenous people who converted to Christianity.READ MORE

Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church Attack Leaves 2 Dead, 3 Wounded


A stabbing attack at Grace Baptist Church in San Jose, California claimed the lives of two victims and left three others wounded.READ MORE

Hillsong LA

Former Pastor Carl Lentz’s Alleged Mistress Says People Look To Him ‘Like He’s God To Them’


The alleged mistress of former Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz said that people look highly to the dismissed pastor, so much that he looks like "God to them."READ MORE

Church pews

Church Attendance, Whether In-Person Or Online, Dropped During Pandemic: Survey


A recent survey revealed that church attendance in America dropped during the COVID-19 lockdown period, including church attendance for both in-person and online gatherings. The study also showed various factors affecting the decline.READ MORE

ERLC praises the ban on Chinese Imports

China Boldly Demands Obedience From Biden


Although the Electoral College did not declare the winner of the presidential elections yet, China already issued a demand for obedience from its anticipated White House occupant.READ MORE

California state capitol

Trump Supporters in Calif. Protest Gov. Newsom’s New Rules


Trump supporters went to the streets of California to protest against Gov. Newsom's 10 pm curfew order.READ MORE

Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol"

Candace Cameron Bure: ‘Help Us Rescue Christmas To Serve Those In Need’


Candace Cameron Bure encourages the Americans to help rescue Chrismas to serve the needy.READ MORE

Man from Pakistan faces death

Church Of 35 Members Helps Thousands Of Christians In Pakistan


A church with only 35 members touched thousands of Christians in Pakistan in the midst of lack due to the COVID 19 pandemic.READ MORE

LGBT community protesting

Oxford Surrenders To Moral Revolutionaries, Changes Gender Definitions: Albert Mohler


The Oxford University Press surrendered to moral revolutionaries as it changed the definition of genders, theologian Albert Mohler said.READ MORE

Faith in the Next Generation

Faith Community Participation Dropped, Individual Bible Use Increased During Pandemic: Survey


The COVID 19 pandemic caused faith community participation to drop yet caused the individual bible use to increase.READ MORE


LGBT Group Urges Biden To Remove Accreditation Of Christian Schools


Although the Electoral College has not announced the 2020 Presidential elections results yet, the LGBT Group urged Biden to remove the accreditation of Christian schools.READ MORE

A family of five who endured severe cases of coronavirus has recently survived through their battle.

Americans More Likely To Be Thankful For Family Than Other Things In 2020: LifeWay


Americans appreciate the presence of their families this year 2020 more than any other thing, a survey conducted by LifeWay research revealed.READ MORE

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