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Minnie Agdeppa

Border patrol

Children Allegedly Sexually Abused At Texas Border Facility, Leaked Audio Shows


Leaked audio reveals children were sexually abused at the Texas border facility located in the garrison of the U.S. Military's Fort Bliss, a report says.READ MORE

Pregnant woman

National Institutes Of Health Canceling ‘Women,’ Calls Females ‘Pregnant And Lactating People’ Instead


The National Institutes of Health has cancelled the use of "women" in a media advisory released on Wednesday that called females "pregnant and lactating people" instead.READ MORE

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci Changes Prediction Again, Says US May Not Reach Herd Immunity ‘By Thankgiving’


Dr. Anthony Fauci changes his prediction again by saying that the United States may not reach herd immunity "by Thanksgiving," which comes later than previously stated.READ MORE

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham

Trump Impeachment: Republicans Unconvinced After Listening To Hours Of Democrats’ Arguments


As the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump proceeds, Republicans remain unconvinced even after listening to hours of Democrats' arguments, reports said.READ MORE

China forbidden city

Communist China Forcing Biden’s America To Change Policies To ‘Avoid Conflicts’


Communist China is allegedly forcing President Joseph Biden, Jr. to change American policies in order to "avoid conflicts" with them, a report said.READ MORE

SUpreme Court

Supreme Court To Consider High-Profile 2020 Election Lawsuits In Conference This Month


The U.S. Supreme Court is considering to finally give attention to the high-profile 2020 election lawsuits filed by various individuals including former President Donald Trump's legal team during its conference this month, a report said.READ MORE

woman carrying newborn baby

Senate Democrats Vote Down Amendment Protecting Babies Who Survive Abortion


Senate Democrats voted down an amendment protecting babies who survived abortion, otherwise known as the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, on Thursday.READ MORE

President Trump addressing his remarks on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020 in the East Room of the White House, in response to being acquitted of two Impeachment charges.

Senate Declares Trump Impeachment "Constitutional", Proceedings To Continue


The U.S. Senate declared former President Donald Trump's second impeachment as constitutional on Tuesday causing the proceedings to continue.READ MORE

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Reaffirms Right To Life ‘From Conception In The Womb Until Its Natural End’


Pope Francis on Monday reaffirmed the right to life "from conception in the womb until its natural end" during a gathering at Vatican's Benediction Hall with the members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See.READ MORE

United Nations

‘A Terrible Policy’: America, Under Biden, Rejoins Anti-Israel UN Human Rights Council


America, under Joe Biden's leadership, rejoins the anti-Israel United Nations Human Rights Council as announced by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Monday through a statement, reversing what former President Donald Trump has done three years ago.READ MORE

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds

Hawkeye State Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Lifts COVID Restrictions, Encourages Personal Freedom And Responsibility


Iowa's Republican Governor Kimberly Reynolds has lifted on Sunday through a Proclamation Of Disaster Emergency the statewide restrictions placed in line with the coronavirus for mass gatherings, social distancing, and masking, a report said.READ MORE


Time Used 'Linguistic Gymnastics' To Describe Efforts To 'Protect' US Presidential Elections, Report Says


Time Magazine has come out with an article that used "linguistic gymnastics" to describe efforts to "protect" the 2020 U.S. presidential elections -- the results of which continue to be questioned by cases in court.READ MORE

Bruce L. Castor, Jr.

Trump Impeachment Lawyer Plans To Use Democrats’ Own Words Against Them


President Donald Trump's impeachment lawyer, Bruce Castor plans to use the Democrats own words against them, a report said.READ MORE

President Donald J. Trump

Trump Legal Team Calls Democrats’ Impeachment Trial A ‘Public Relations Stunt’


Former President Donald Trump's legal team called Democrats' impeachment trial a "public relations stunt" in a letter responding to their request for impeachment testimony on Thursday, Feb. 4. He will not present himself in the sham impeachment.READ MORE

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo Warns Biden Admin Against Mishandling China


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned the Biden Administration against the mishandling of China as it will result to grave effects in the world.READ MORE

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