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Olivia Cavallaro

cryptocurrency electronic currency bank onling banking bitcoin dogecoin britcoin

China Pushing For Cashless Society So It Can Monitor, Control People’s Lives


China is developing a new form of government currency that some financial experts believe can serve as an economic threat to the United States and its Western allies.READ MORE

Hatun Tash

Former Muslim Preaching Christ In London Speakers' Corner Stabbed Repeatedly, Says Police Scared To Apprehend Attacker


A female Muslim-turned-Christian preacher was stabbed in the face in London, where she accused local police of failing to protect her and apprehend the attacker.READ MORE

syringe held in hand by man wearing mask and gloves

Biden Doubles Down On Federal Workers Who Refuse To Get Vaccinated


The Democratic leader is now requiring federal employees to either get vaccinated or submit to stringent COVID testing and safety mandates.READ MORE

woman female inside prison cell standing beside gates

At Least One Female Inmate At California Women’s Correctional Facility ‘Pregnant’ Following Entry Of Transgender Convicts


A feminist legal group is sounding the alarm on the dangers of allowing biological men who identify as women to be housed in women's correctional facilities, as it has now resulted in at least one pregnancy.READ MORE


COVID Fascism: Philippines Mayor Will Ban Unvaccinated People From Markets, Stores – Basically Everything In Life


The mayor of a city in a southern province in the Philippines has imposed month-long COVID restrictions in preparation for even stricter measures that will prevent unvaccinated citizens from accessing basic needs.READ MORE

Anthony Fauci

Fauci Brazenly Claims CDC ‘Hasn’t Really Flip-Flopped At All’ Regarding Mask Mandates


The infectious disease expert quickly came to the defense of the CDC after it backtracked on its mask mandate that was announced on May 13.READ MORE

COVID Vaccine

Health Expert Says COVID Vaccine Is Now Socially Weaponized, Has Become A ‘Social Menace’


A health expert and doctor defies CDC information to argue that the delta variant of COVID is not as contagious as they say and that vaccines are being socially weaponized by governments.READ MORE

cryptocurrency electronic currency bank onling banking bitcoin dogecoin britcoin

After Enacting CCP-Inspired Lockdowns And Vaccine Passports, UK Now Proposing Bank-Controlled Digital Currency


The U.K. government is considering the development of "Britcoin," a digital currency that some believe will be a means of governmental control over its citizens.READ MORE


COVID Vaccines Bring Heightened Risks Of Infertility, Miscarriage, And Deaths, Credentialed Whistleblowers Reveal


Some credentialed experts are shedding light on the link between COVID vaccines and infertility, miscarriage, and death which has been widely underreported by the mainstream media.READ MORE

Former NFL player and outspoken Christian Benjamin Watson

‘It’s Obvious’: Former NFL Star Says Athletes Should Not Be Coerced To Get Vaccinated For COVID


Former NFL player Ben Watson is campaigning for the rights of athletes to refrain from getting the COVID vaccine.READ MORE

"Stop Abortion" sign

Hispanic Christians, Black Pro-Lifers Urge Supreme Court To Overturn Roe Because Abortion Industry ‘Targets Minority Neighborhoods’


Pro-life groups are now calling upon the Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion law that legalizes abortion nationwide, because it "targets" minority communities and women of color.READ MORE

homeschooling study at home

More Parents Opting To Homeschool Their Kids This Year, Report Says


Parents are finding that homeschooling their children has several benefits, including better performance and no more incidents of bullying.READ MORE

Baby and father's hand

Leftists Attack Mississippi’s Efforts To Overturn Roe V. Wade, Says Filing Is ‘Extreme’


Pro-life advocates in Mississippi are using a new Charlotte Lozier Institute study that shows how vastly different abortion limitations are in the U.S. compared to countries in Europe.READ MORE

Person wearing a face mask

Republicans Bash CDC For Requiring Everyone, Vaccinated Or Not, To Keep Wearing Masks


GOP leaders are criticizing the CDC's ever-changing guidelines on mask wearing in the fight to overcome the COVID pandemic.READ MORE

man-made COVID-19 virus pandemic from Wuhan, China

CDC Gives New Reasons For People To Worry About COVID: Mutations Mean Vaccines Won’t Work In The Long Run


The CDC forecasts the coronavirus will continue to mutate until it can power through the COVID vaccines that supposedly are protecting 49.7% of America's total population.READ MORE

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