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Olivia Cavallaro

China barbed wire

Chinese Police Detain Parents Of Asylum Seeker Who Fled To The Netherlands


The parents left behind by a 19 year old asylum seeker who had been trying to escape the clutches of the Chinese communist regime for two years have been taken by CCP authorities.READ MORE

man putting mask on child

Colorado School District Passes Resolution Banning Critical Race Theory, Board Members Resign


Two school board members from a Colorado school district have resigned over resolutions banning critical race theory from schools, as well as over mask policies.READ MORE

School classroom tables and chairs

New York Teachers Asked To Spy On Students Who Violate COVID Rules


A labor union for educators in New York has encouraged teachers to "document issues" relating to the city's COVID quarantine mandate by taking photos of and uploading photos of students who violate the rules.READ MORE


Wisconsin Group Discovers 23K Votes From People With Same Phone Number, 8K Voters Registered In 1918 In One County


An activist group in Wisconsin trying to get to the bottom of Trump's election fraud claims said they have evidence of about 30,000 flying voters in the state.READ MORE

Lorie Smith

Christian Artist’s Religious Freedom Case Brought To Supreme Court


ADF has filed a petition to the Supreme Court asking them to hear a case involving a Christian web designer who was being forced to cater to clients who do not share her religious beliefs, a clear violation of her religious rights.READ MORE

vaccine vials

AAPS Director Emphasizes Americans’ Right To Take Ivermectin For COVID


A director of a U.S. physicians organization warns that the FDA has no right to dictate how COVID patients want to treat themselves, especially when it involves taking Ivermectin.READ MORE

Jonathan Gennaro Mellis

Jan. 6 Prisoner Reveals ‘Hateful Treatment’ Received For Supporting Trump: Solitary Confinement And Being Banned From Burying His Father


A harrowing account of his time in jail reveals how a January 6 protester is being treated as he remains behind bars for supporting Donald Trump.READ MORE

Afghanistan Taliban occupation

Afghan Refugees Trying to Flee Afghanistan After Failed U.S. Withdrawal Are Dying at the Pakistan Border


Thousands of Afghan refugees are hoping to cross the Pakistani border but not all of them make it across, causing major overcrowding and a brewing tension between the two countries.READ MORE

a young person getting vaccinated

Moderna CEO Thinks Pandemic Will End in 2022 if 'Everyone on This Earth Can Be Vaccinated' - Even 6-Month Old Babies


The Moderna executive is optimistic that the public health crisis would end in a year if vaccines are made available to everyone on the planet, including babies.READ MORE

Chinese defector Wei Jingsheng

Chinese Defector Claims China Intentionally Released COVID In October 2019


Another whistleblower has come forward to announce that China released COVID during an event back in October 2019, way before it announced an outbreak in early 2020.READ MORE

North Korea flag

North Korea Intensifies Christian Persecution By Portraying Them As 'Blood-Sucking Monsters'


A compelling new report reveals how Christian persecution has made a turn for the worse in North Korea, where the communist government tries its best to deter people from the faith by painting Christians in a bad light.READ MORE

pregnant mom proudly showing her healthy baby bump

Renowned Medical Journal Reverses Vaccine Stance After 1 in 8 Pregnant Women Miscarry Post-Vaccination


The New England Journal of Medicine issued a correction to a previously published study involving the safety of COVID vaccines among pregnant women.READ MORE

smartphone use

Dating App Urges Users to Show Pro-Choice Badge for Donations to Planned Parenthood


A popular dating app has introduced a new way for users to express their pro-choice beliefs while funneling donations to Planned Parenthood.READ MORE


Facebook Launches Massive Damage Control Initiative Promoting 'Positive Stories' About the Platform to Users


The Big Tech giant is undertaking a massive new campaign to make themselves look good following the controversies of the past few years.READ MORE

family of four standing on the beach facing the sea

New York Violated Christian Adoption Agency’s Rights Over Biblical Beliefs On Marriage, Lawsuit Reveals


A new lawsuit reveals how a New York state agency violated the religious rights of a Christian adoption agency and its views on marriage.READ MORE

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