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Olivia Cavallaro

Biden expects Islamic faith

Former CIA Analyst Blasts Biden Speech On Afghanistan: ‘Such A Profound Bald-Faced Lie’


Several leaders and political experts on both sides of the aisle are criticizing President Biden for failing to smoothly transition Afghanistan and withdrawing U.S. troops and citizens too late from the country now ravaged by the Taliban.READ MORE

School classroom tables and chairs

Teachers Take Virginia School Board To Court Over Policy Forcing Them To Use Transgender Pronouns


Two educators in Virginia have filed a case against the state's school district over a new policy that requires school teachers to address students using their preferred transgender nouns.READ MORE

China flag waving communism

Biden’s Afghanistan Failure Could Have Far-Reaching Effects – Including In Taiwan, Report Says


China is looking to succeed where the U.S. has failed, and a report indicates that this could lead to serious concerns.READ MORE

MSNBC host Joy Reid

Mainstream Media Host Blasted For Comparing Conservative Christians To Taliban Militants


An MSNBC host is under fire for comparing conservative Christians and Republicans to the Taliban that submerged Afghanistan into chaos this week.READ MORE

Khairullah Khairkhwa

Taliban Leader Released By Obama Masterminded Afghanistan Takeover, Report Says


This week's shocking Afghanistan takeover was orchestrated by a Taliban leader who was once imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay for 12 years.READ MORE

Pastor Walter Moss

Ohio Pastor Urges Pro-Lifers In The African-American Community To ‘Speak Out And Be Visible’


A pastor in Ohio is calling upon the African-American community in the state to make their voices heard in the campaign to end abortion in the U.S.READ MORE

BLM Black Lives Matters Marxist Communist Anarchist

Oregon School Board Bans Flying LGBT Pride And BLM Flags


The Oregon school board voted to prohibit the use of BLM, LGBT, and other "political" items such as certain flags, clothing, and more inside their campuses.READ MORE


Grade School Students Can Change Genders Without Their Parents’ Consent, Scottish Government Says


The government of Scotland has established new rules that allow children in primary schools to change their gender identity without parental consent.READ MORE

Former US Navy Seal Jocko Willink

Retired Navy Seal Stresses Importance Of The ‘Will To Fight Evil’ Amid Afghanistan Chaos


A former U.S. Navy SEAL reacted to how vicious the Taliban had been in capturing Kabul and why the nation had fallen into terrorist hands so easily.READ MORE

Afghanistan flag

Islamic Terror Group Hamas Congratulates Taliban For Muslim Takeover Of Afghanistan


The Hamas militant group shared in the victory of the Taliban for taking over Afghanistan following the U.S. military's exit from the country.READ MORE

Anthony Fauci

COVID Fascism: Fauci Doubles Down On Unvaccinated, Says They Should ‘Put Aside’ Their Personal Liberties


The controversial infectious diseases expert targeted unvaccinated individuals and called upon them to get vaccinated to stop spreading COVID all over America.READ MORE

Man in prison

Christians Attacked By Hindus, Thrown In Jail For Visiting Family Who Lost A Loved One


Hindu extremists in a northern province in India attacked two Christian pastors and a grieving Hindu man who lost family due to COVID.READ MORE

The "Wear a Mask" song teaching kids to have "faith in Fauci"

Parents In Texas Outraged As School Makes Students Watch Propaganda Video Teaching Them To Have ‘Faith In Fauci’


A Texas elementary school is under fire for showing a controversial video to young students about using face masks to help fight the spread of COVID.READ MORE

bathroom signs

Hobby Lobby Loses 11-Year Battle In Court, Illinois Judge Says It Should Let Biological Males Use Women’s Bathroom


An appeals court has ruled against Hobby Lobby to uphold its transgender female employee's rights to use the women's bathroom.READ MORE

SPLC hate map

Christian Group Attacked For Being Included In The SPLC’s ‘Hate Map’ Still In The List Nine Years Later


The Southern Poverty Law Center refuses to remove the Family Research Council from its divisive “hate map” nine years after its inclusion led to a terrorist attack.READ MORE

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