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Olivia Cavallaro

Iranian Christian dad before the LCPS board

Iranian Christian Dad Bashes School Board For Teaching Ideology Instead Of Real Lessons


A Christian immigrant father from Iran decried the Virginia school board for its transgender-affirming pronoun rules, telling them to call his kids "king" and "queen" -and him "master"- under the new policy.READ MORE

Hazel Lewis

Christian Street Preacher Cleared By Court Against False Accusations


The London court has cleared a Christian street preacher after she was falsely accused of using abusive language against members of the LGBT community and non-believers.READ MORE

hand on Bible

Evidence Of Biblical Earthquake That Occurred Thousands Of Years Ago Unearthed


Scientists have discovered remnants of what was a massive earthquake that occurred thousands of years ago which was recorded in the bible.READ MORE

Brittni De La Mora

Former Porn Actress Turned Christian Minister Reveals How She Overcame Heroin Addiction


An ex-adult film performer opens up about her struggles with hard drugs and how her faith had helped save her life from addiction.READ MORE

Coronavirus Vaccination

Study Finds Highly Educated Americans Are The Most Vaccine Hesitant


A survey of over 5 million American adults showed that the most vaccine hesitant group have higher education levels compared to others.READ MORE

white windmills on a wind farm beside an asphalt road

Texas Lawmakers Block CCP Member’s Attempts To Build Wind Farm Near Military Installation


Legislators in Texas are fighting against a Chinese billionaire's plan to build a wind farm near a U.S. military installation, which may affect the state's power grid.READ MORE

World Health Organization Flag

WHO Says Wuhan Lab Leak ‘Probable’, Pressures China To Provide Full Transparency On COVID Origins


WHO and its scientists are taking a markedly different stance on China's refusal to provide full transparency to help determine the true origins of COVID.READ MORE

pronoun LGBT madness he him she her

Virginia School District Passes Policy Forcing Teachers To Refer to Students Using Transgender Pronouns


"Policy 8040: Rights of Transgender and Gender-Expansive Students" was voted on by a school board in Virginia granting transgender rights to students – and forcing teachers to call their students by their preferred pronouns, among other things. READ MORE

pregnant mom and her son

Former Pfizer VP Counters CDC, Urges Pregnant And Childbearing-Age Women Not To Take COVID-19 Vaccines


A scientist who previously led Pfizer as an executive continues his campaign against vaccinating pregnant women, contrary to CDC advice.READ MORE


Social Justice Advocates Ask Toy Company To Change Depiction Of Nativity Characters From ‘Problematic’ White To ‘Middle Eastern’


A community of social justice advocates are campaigning for Fisher-Price to change the physical image of their nativity characters to be more race-appropriate.READ MORE

Olympic wrestling gold medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock

Not Just Pro-God And Pro-America: Olympic Champion Uses Prize Money To Bless Her Mom


An Olympic athlete honors her mother after becoming the first Black woman to win the gold medal in the women's freestyle wrestling category.READ MORE

students inside classroom

Christian Teachers, Parents Fighting Back Against Schools That Teach Racism, Lewdness, Transgenderism


Teachers and parents are coming together to call out school boards for allowing their educational facilities and faculty to teach racism, lewdness, and transgenderism to young minds.READ MORE

Simone Biles

Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles In Hot Water For ‘Your Body, Your Choice’ Post


Conservative pro-life advocates responded to the 24 year old Olympic gold medalist's post expressing her pro-choice views.READ MORE

classic Robin

Batman’s Sidekick Robin Comes Out As Bisexual In New DC Comic


The famous DC Comics character who fights alongside the Caped Crusader has come out as bisexual.READ MORE

Abolish Abortion Texas' pro-life billboard

Pro-Life Billboard Taken Down A Day After Posting Because Abortionists Threatened Landowner With Death


Pro-abortion advocates threatened the owner of a land upon which a pro-life billboard stood, causing them to take it down only a day after it was put up.READ MORE

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